10 Types of Acting Classes You Should Be Aware Of

Glamour, popularity, and money are the things that make many of us dream of having a successful career in the film, television, media, or entertainment industry. Some of us become successful in making our dream come true while some don’t succeed. In the initial stage of becoming an actor, most of you try your best. And for this, you want to attend acting classes after taking an admission into a desired course of a respective institute. Before you move ahead in making your dream of being an actor, you should know the types of such classes. Here are some of them for you: 

  1. Acting technique classes 

These are the ones that each actor takes before entering into the industry. As an aspirant, you must attend the same. You should take at least such a class if you haven’t got a berth in the top acting school in India or are not going to get admitted into such one. This on-going instruction class is the foundation for you. You can get in several different ways that depend on the approach your instructor takes. The approach can be Stella Adler, Method Acting, or Meisner Technique. 

  1. On-camera/audition technique classes 

According to the name, such one lays emphasis on learning the art of auditioning. For better understanding, you should include such sessions in your training. Being different from performing, auditioning is a little hard skill to learn. It helps you learn to carry out script analysis, what to do during an audition, and how to make the casting panel happy. 

  1. Scene study classes/on-camera study 

Just like the above-mentioned two types, it is the one you should attend. Whether you are or aren’t going to attend instruction sessions at a reputed institute, such classes are essential for you to have on-camera training from industry experts. You can learn some parts of it theoretically while having acting technique classes.   

  1. Cold or sight reading classes 

Acknowledged as sight reading in England and cold reading in the USA, it provides in-depth knowledge of the auditioning process. In addition, it gives you master just one part of it – analysing the script, reading it, and performing as per your script in the presence of casting members. In simple words, it trains you how to read the script, how to break it, how to analyse, how to memorise your lines, and deliver the same. 

  1. Improvisation classes 

As per its name, it trains you in the skills of improvement. Improvisation is really crucial for you whether you want to act in an ad film, theatre, drama, or commercial films. Such sessions enable you to be out of your head and think quickly on your feet.  

  1. Commercial acting classes 

These classes are important for you if you want to work in commercial ad films. Through such ones, you learn how to successfully act in short to a little long advertisement film. From auditioning to being in front of the camera, you will learn everything required for acting in ad film. 

  1. Vocal/voice classes

Such sessions are not an essential part of acting classes that you should take if you want to be an actor. However, you can take it if you wish to be an anchor, vocal artist, or singer. Through such sessions, you will learn how to enhance your sound. 

  1. Body and movement classes 

As the name suggests, these instructions work on your body and will enable you to make the right movements as per your script lines and role. You should take such one when you ignore acting technique and allied classes. 

  1. Classical acting classes 

It’s not so important for you. However, you can include these instructions in your training if you want to work in a history-based or classical film/television programme. 

  1. Voice-over classes

Being different to vocal classes, it is crucial for an aspiring voice-over artist, but not for you (aspiring actors). So, you can avoid attending such sessions at an acting studio. 

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