3 Crucial Things You Must Pay Heed to While Camping with Your Puppy

Your furry friend is a family member too, which is why it deserves to spend some quality time outdoors. So, next time you plan a camping trip take your pupper along. A camping outing doesn’t have to be a hassle if you have an efficient plan, irrespective of your dog’s breed and size. Both of you can call yourselves “Happy campers” with some extra preparation ahead of time.

Gather the essential pet supplies, safety gear, meds, and other things in your backpack, so you have all you need to roam in the great outdoors with your best companion. Also, you should consider being prepared for the worst just in case your puppy gets accidentally injured, poisoned, or attacked by bigger animals in the wild.

It is one reason why you must consider purchasing pet health insurance if you haven’t bought a policy already. Cheap dog insurance policies cover a furry pet’s medical care during accidents, injuries, and health emergencies at affordable costs.

Consider reviewing your policy if you have one or buying a policy if you don’t have a cover because life is unpredictable, and medical bills can soar up to thousands of dollars during unplanned vet visits. Meanwhile, read this article to learn three crucial things you should pay heed to while heading out to a camping site with your furry friend.

1. Pack emergency supplies

If you are a frequent camper, basic first aid supplies – bandages, moleskin, and other things might already be on your checklist. Cuts, scrapes, wounds, and blisters can’t be ruled out when camping in the wild, so be prepared with medications for humans and those specifically made for canines.

Your puppy’s regular medications, gauze, alcohol/hydrogen peroxide, surgical tapes, plasters, antibiotics, ointments, vet wraps, and foot balms are some items not to be missed while packing a first aid kit for your pupper. They can be of great help in treating physical injuries.

2. Keep an eye out for wildlife

Camping trips can be fun and deadly at the same time. Fun because it is a new place to be in and experience the mysteries of nature, deadly because both of you can encounter harmful critters lurking in the jungle. Skunks, porcupines, bears, wolves, poisonous snakes and insects are some threats that can disturb the peace and disrupt your adventurous outing. Put on a harness for your pup and attach a long leash so it doesn’t have a free rein as it had at home. Monitor your puppy closely to avoid unwanted tussles with wildlife.

3. Don’t deviate from the routine

Your puppy should already be accustomed to a routine, and camping activities can significantly alter it. These changes can upset your pup and trigger behavioral changes, especially if it is a week-long trip. Some dogs adapt quickly, and others can resist changes, so you should stick to your fur companion’s normal feeding and walking times to lower distress.

Avoid tripping during occasions celebrated with heavy fireworks or during extreme weather to not terrify your dog. Now, you don’t want your pup to hide in a corner when it has to enjoy the great outdoors, right? Carry its favorite blanket, bed, toys, and treats on the trip, so it doesn’t miss home and its loved things.

Also, you must learn to stay calm, especially when your puppy has been injured, for example, due to an animal bite or heatstroke. Remember that if you panic, your fur baby will sense that and carry the same vibes. If the need arises, don’t hesitate to vacate the camping site and hurry to the nearest vet asap.

You won’t need to worry much about the finances involved in getting your pet cured if you have pet health insurance. Unplanned vet bills are easily claimable later with cheap dog insurance policies. So, fear not if you have already purchased one. Otherwise, consider signing up for a pet plan to get your puppy quality medical help during untimely events.

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