4 Surprising Functions Included in This CRM Tool – A Bitrix24 Review

If you are looking for a customer relationship management and lead tracking tool rolled into one then Bitrix24 should be the top choice. This software lends capabilities to startups, small businesses, and midsized companies and it is free for the first 12 users on any team. This Bitrix24 review will discuss the unexpected software features offered by the tool in terms of documentation, integration, and automation.

The wide variety of functions offered by Bitrix24 provides users with the ability to centralize their communication, collaborate across departments and streamline workflows. The massive size and scale of the software can be overwhelming for new users but the value offered by each one justifies the Bitrix24 pricing.

Bitrix24 Features

1. User Profiles and Contacts Database

There are a lot of options included in the Bitrix24 software and users can begin with the introductory videos to familiarize themselves with most of them. This is a powerful CRM and networking tool and an online training program is often required to get users acclimated to the layout. Although the user interface is built in a way that is intuitive at first look, each feature offers many options for the smooth running of any organization.

Creating leads, generating invoices, and dealing with any record can be executed with the CRM tool. The navigation panel guides users to the feature they need and there are pages for sorting records according to the concerned person, creation date, and cycle stage as well as many other customizable filters. They can create tasks, events, new user profiles, groups, conversations, and documents using the Create button. Uploading files and photos is very easy and team members can upload receipts, emails, or anything else directly to the task.

Once the record has been created it shows up under the Activity tab on the dashboard and any user with access can see it. Bitrix24 reviews praise the collaboration options available on the platform. The users can comment on any activity, follow specific records, list their favorites, attach receipts, and link other files. There is also an option to “like” the record which is a quick way to let the creator know you have viewed their activity. The software also sends a notification whenever someone interacts with any record you have created or followed. This means users can take quick action whenever and wherever required. Time tracking is also an option for specific projects and the administrator has to sign off on each employee’s timesheets.

2. Lead Tracking

The latest addition to the Bitrix24 lead management module is the online lead-capture form. Businesses can create a web-based form and edit it according to their requirements. The designing tool is also new and it allows users to add specific fields related to deals, leads, contacts, companies, invoices, and quotes. It has a drag and drops feature which means formatting the form is very easy too. The document can be given a title, background, different text colors to make it easier to read. Bitrix24 reviews mention the forms are accessible, editable, and available to all under the CRM Activity stream.

Since this is a relatively new feature, the developers will continue to roll out more pre-designed templates and features that let teammates see which users are responsible for the distribution of the results. The web forms can be integrated with a Google Analytics tool by embedding the account details in the designer tool. If the business deals in products, then the company catalog can be integrated with the form as well. This means the tool will capture data from website pop-ups and other online marketplaces.

3. Reporting and Integration Tools

The software offers integration support for the most popular tools such as MailChimp, Basecamp, Zoho, etc. Companies can also choose if they want to sync their employee’s Gmail accounts with it . They can view new messages right from within the Bitrix24 software. However, the email cannot open from the software, and clicking on it leads to a new window. Users who want the option of sending and receiving emails directly from the portal can sign up for a email address or connect their domain with the platform.

Sales teams that prefer conducting follow-ups on the phone can purchase credits for the built-in telephony feature. This is a service similar to Skype and allows users to pay online via credit card for the number of calls they make. The credit balance can easily recharge online via card or PayPal. Bitrix24 reviews call this a handy feature . It can program to automatically make phone calls and save their recordings in a centralized storage location. There is no need to take long-form notes when you are on the phone . Everything is accounted for.

4. Business Utility

Bitrix24 reviews call it a powerful tool especially in comparison to other CRM options available. It has a wide scope of functionality and is much more cost-effective in comparison to Salesforce or Zoho. The extensive features give teams the functionality they need to oversee ambitious projects. Although it might be intimidating for beginners. Once users are train it can provide them with everything, they need in one platform.

There are some customization options but it lacks the flexibility offered by its counterparts. Smaller businesses might not require all the features included in the program and can survive on the free plan alone. Those companies that need more storage options can choose between Standard or Professional plans . Bitrix24 pricing is more affordable comparing to others. Bitrix24 has thoughtfully design and it offers a lot more than just CRM services. The tool can handle any request and entertain a large influx of records without missing a beat.


Bitrix24 is a CRM tool that has useful lead management capabilities and automation features. It can combine with other legacy systems to create more value for a medium-sized business.

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