5 Guidelines To Help You Revamp Your Summerhouse

Australia is experiencing the best of its summer days, and you should join in too. The ignored summerhouse in your yard has been begging for attention. This season, get in some light curtains, fun cushions, and a can of paint to breathe life back into the summer house. Even the popular rattan homewares of Australia can add to the ambience of your summer sanctuary. 

Whether you want the summerhouse to be a spot to recharge away from the buzz of the main residence or if you want to host a party, clearing the clutter in the space is essential. Regardless of the theme you are going for, here are some essentials for your summerhouse.

#1 Let There be Light 

The first thing you need to add to your summerhouse is light. When it comes to lighting fixtures, there are environment-friendly options that you can find for a budget. Fairy lights and lanterns are great choices to add character to your space. The number of lights you need depends on the kind of building you have. If you have an open layout, you will need lesser bulbs to light up the space.

#2 Time to Reflect

It is a summerhouse. You are only going to really spend time there during the summer. Instead of investing in expensive lighting setups, use mirrors to make the most of the natural light that comes in. apart from being a great option to get light into the building, mirrors work wonderfully as decor too. Besides, if you are up for some DIY projects, you can get stunning mirrors for a steal. 

#3 Fun Furnishing 

Before you get started on your summerhouse, it might look more like a shed than anything else. If you really need to feel like you are upgrading the space, you need to get in some artful furnishing. Rattan homewares in Australia make sense because it is easily available and environment friendly. You can also bet on feather pillows and cushions to add soft surfaces. If you have an old ottoman that needs to be relocated, this is your chance to do some upholstery work on your own. 

#4 Something Green

Whether you live in Tasmania or Queensland, there is not enough green to keep anyone cool this summer. Why don’t you take the chance and add some plants to your summerhouse? Depending on the location you reside in, you can choose the variety. However, it is recommended that you have at least a few herbs and vegetables growing in your yard. Add some crawlers to the mix, and you will have easy home decor as well.

#5 Air It Out 

Summers in the Down Under (19°C to 26°C) can go from balmy to dry before you know it. When you are relaxing in your summerhouse, you mustn’t get overheated. Ventilation in the building can also improve the general interest people have in spending time at the summerhouse. Depending on the existing mechanism for ventilation, you can choose between a regular fan and an exhaust fan. If you have a lot of plants growing in the summerhouse, an exhaust fan will be better at balancing the temperature and moisture in the space. 

As a child, you would have surely dreamt of having a treehouse for the summer. It might be too late to discuss the treehouse, but as an adult, you can spend your summers in a summerhouse. These are grounds to earn brownie points in front of your friends. 

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