5 Quick Tips To Resolve Victure Camera Night Vision Not Working

The victure camera is an optiCover wireless & high-quality lens built-in home security camera. It works with 1080p high HD resolution. With these resolutions, the picture quality is too clear & high. You can simply & accurately know everything with this resolution.  The special feature of this camera is the night vision & motion sensor. The motion sensor of the Victure wireless camera detects the motion. It captures every motion in the correct manner. This camera watches the 360° angle & gets a full view of your smart home. The victure camera night vision is very suitable for the night. The two-way audio feature is built-in in this camera. Then with the two-way feature, you can simply communicate with your family members. 

Moreover, the SD card slot is built-in in the victure home security camera. In their slot, you can simply insert the SD card & record the video or clips. You can simply mount this security camera in any way of your home. To watch the recorded videos, you need to perform the camera setup. You can simply perform the security camera setup with the mobile phone, computer, laptop, & display LCD also.

Importance: Victure Camera Night Vision

The victure home wireless security camera comes along with a motion detection feature. The motion detection feature absolutely records the motion of the person. The Wi-Fi network is working with this security camera. Then, with the WiFi network, you can simply watch the live view far from the home. But for this, your security camera completely connects to the WiFi network connectivity. If this camera does not connect to the WiFi network, then you are not able to watch the live view.

Moreover, the Alexa device is compatible with the Victure camera. But for this, you need to do the Alexa set up with the security camera. Night vision is enabled in this security camera. With this feature, the home security camera works at night. At night, it completely records a very clear picture & a 4X zoom feature is built-in. Then you can simply zoom every picture. Thus, at night, night vision is most important. 

Victure Camera Night Vision Not Working

The Victure wireless security camera comes along with night vision. This night vision feature allows recording a very clear video as well as capturing high-quality clips. But sometimes, there are some reasons due to the night vision not working.

  • Network connectivity issue
  • Not configure the night vision feature
  • Not install victure camera to near the light 
  • Camera lens is dirty
  • Not properly install the home security camera

Incredible solutions: Victure Camera Night Vision Not Working 

Many times, the night vision feature is not working due to the camera not recording the video at night. Here are some brilliant solutions for the night vision problem. 

Clean the victure’s camera lens

Many times, the victure camera lens that is built-in inside the camera is dirty due to night vision not working. To properly & correctly resolve the issue, you need to clean the camera’s lens. You can simply & effortlessly resolve the issue. For this, you can use a dry cloth & clean the victure camera lens in the proper manner. After that, the night vision worked properly. 

Choose the right position for the victure security camera

Many times, you cannot choose the right position of the wireless security camera. If you cannot select the accurate position then the camner is not able to record the video. To resolve the issue in a quick manner, you should select the correct position. The correct position of the security camera is the outdoor of the home. With this position, the security camera works better. 

Do not install the security camera near the light

Many times, you install the security camera near the light source. If you install it near the lighting, then the upper light of the security camera will have more effect so that the security will not blink in the night. To properly work the camera at night, do not install the security camera near the lighting. 

Verify the night vision setting

If the night vision feature is disbale then the victure camera is not able to work properly at night. To resolve the issue in a fast way, you need to verify the night vision setting. If the night vision setting is disabled, you also have to enable the night vision. 

Restart the home security camera 

If the issue does not resolve after applying all the solutions. Then the last & best option is you can restart the security camera. You can simply restart the camera. Just unplug from the power supply & also press the power button for a few seconds. 

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