6 Globally-Hailed Companies for Advanced Food and Beverage Analytics Data

Data analytics and AI have taken the Food and Beverage Industry by storm. From statistical process control and shelf-life prediction to critical quality attributes and eliminating fraud. Similarly, there are multiple applications of big data. The phenomenal results driven by food and beverage analytics have transformed the business modules and decision-making of companies. Across the realms of food/beverage manufacture, processing, logistics, marketing, and service, the demand for certified data analyst teams is at an all-time high. Here are the top 6 food and beverage advanced analytics data specialists of global repute:-


Spoonshot is not just an ordinary company that provides food and beverage analytics data. Moreover, it is a highly renowned, trendsetting team with competencies that include food and beverage innovation, valuable data-driven insights, and razor-sharp market research. Multiple businesses in the food industry have greatly benefited from Spoonshot’s spot-on data and predictive business acumen. Also, their highly experienced and certified team has set numerous benchmarks in data science across multiple spheres of the food and beverage industry.


If you are particularly on the lookout for data analytics in the realm of food processing, Marel has a team of dedicated experts for the same. Be it improving operational efficiency, cutting flab, or switching to sustainable practices in line with the latest consumer preferences, their team will guide you well in these aspects.


The Intellicus platform is accessible to members worldwide for a wide range of applications and utilities. These include advanced mobile analytics, personalized market research dashboards, data connectors, next-gen food/beverage business insights, and so on. Based on the plan you choose, you are provided with access to the designated AI tools. 


When it comes to food market research USA, many small and mid-sized businesses are relying on Quantzig. The transition from an analog, outdated business model to a data-driven and digitized one isn’t easy. Team Quantzig helps you make this transition, thereon helping you target new market segments and flourish in the highly competitive US food and beverage marketplace.


The modus operandi of Accuvate is to help their clients get a deeper and holistic understanding of the customer psyche. From mapping customer behavior and preferences to collating high-value marketing databases, the team is focused on helping you tailor your marketing campaign exactly as per the latest consumer trends.


Sage provides market research reports and data-led insights to businesses across various industries. These include Construction, Manufacturing, Pharma, HR, IT, as well as the Food and Beverage Industry. They are renowned for providing their clients with an excellent competitive advantage through data analytics.


On one hand, new-age food and beverage start-ups are aiming at disrupting the status quo in market segments worldwide with data-driven insights. On the other hand, established businesses are pacing to reinvigorate their approach to jump on the ‘big data’ bandwagon. As a result, the demand for reliable companies specializing in food market research in the USA is extremely high. As a business owner, you should refrain from choosing incompetent service providers. Instead, opt for the right data analytics partner from the above list for the best results.

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