6 Programming Languages You Must Learn In 2022

Learning to write computer programs is really important in today’s world as computers and the internet have entere almost all the industries and in all the scopes and processes. Example-there is an autopilot option in the aircraft and a digital speedometer is there in any bike. Now, there are a number of programming languages available in the market which include Python, Java, C++, and many more. All of these are use by different programmers to give instructions to the computer to perform the tasks in a certain define manner. The PHP development Company focuses on making the developers aware more and more about the PHP language, similarly, owners of the respective languages keep on facilitating the programmers and developers and help them to reach the given programming language.

The community of programmers and developers is growing constantly and with every advancement, several new programming languages keep on popping up as per the experience and necessity of the developer. Now, as there are different languages available so one should make a wise decision before going ahead with anyone, this will help them to make the right choice for investing their time and money. So, let’s learn about different languages which are recently very trending in the market and have a secure future as well.



It is one of the well-known languages which not just have a huge number of followers but also have great demand in the market. It is consider a high-level programming language which is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. Also, for almost 98% of the websites create in this language, it is use as a client-side programming language.

If we look into its history, then it was found in the year 1995 and was known as LiveScript initially. With time it evolve and soon became an independent language. Let’s look into the language in detail now,


a) It is suitable for beginner to intermediate level developers or programmers.

b) It supports cross-platform which includes mobile, desktop, and web as well.

c)It is consider among the most popular programming languages in the world.

d)The website becomes richer by Interface if develop on JS.

e) ECMA application gives regular updates.

f) The implementation is quite simple.

g) It is a highly versatile programming language.

h) Grease monkey like several add-ons are there for extending the functionalities.

i)It is use everywhere on the web.

j) It can run immediately within the client-side browser.

k) Overall reduces the demand on the website server.


a) It is sometimes interpret differently by different browsers which makes the task overall difficult.

b) Only single inheritance is require.

c)Option of Copy or any equivalent method is not available.

d)When finally, the code is execute on the machine then people choose to disable JavaScript for fear of receiving the malicious content.

2) GO

It is a statically type and compile programming language which is design at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It has a syntax similar to language C and is use by some of the famous companies like Google and Uber, Twitch, Dropbox, etc. This language is widely use in cloud applications, distribution systems, etc. It was develop by Google in 2007 and is also known as Golang.


a) Comes with an ability to easily overcome the fundamental difficulties in the language like compilation or slow execution or maybe lack of a large and standard library.

b) It follows simple as well as modern structure.

c)Suitable for beginner to intermediate level programmers and developers.

d)Supports cross-platform but mainly desktop.

e) It is easy to learn a language if one has patience and willingness as it follows the clearer syntax.

f) It is considere to be more secure as it is a statically-typed language.

g) The documentation of the language is very smart and easy to use.

h) As it is compile to machine code, hence it is very fast.

i) Single-page applications can be easily built by them.

j) The code over here is very transparent.


a) It lacks versatility.

b) The library support of this language is not up to the mark.

c)It does not possess a GUI library.

d)It also implies the interfaces.

e) The developer community of Go is not very strong or supportive.

3) R

R is one such computer programming language that is used in data science and is used by many giant companies like Facebook, Google, Uber to run their business successfully. It is really worth learning the R language as there has been a constant increase in the demand for Machine learning and Analytics. It is an open-source language and is considere a different version of the S language. Let’s look in detail at its advantages and disadvantages.


a) As it has a moderate learning curve, so is used by the intermediate developers and programmers.

b) It works mainly for desktop applications.

c)Here the community is although still growing but very active.

d)It can operate smoothly on different operating systems.

e) The language is quite comprehensive and statistical.

f) Supported by a powerful ecosystem.

g) This language is highly extensible.

h) huge support is available for managing the data.

i)It is cross-functional with different platforms like Linux, Mac OS, Windows, etc.

j) It is considered as one of the ideal programming languages for machine learning operations.


a) Here the storage happens in physical memory which puts strain on the resources. 

b) It lacks the basic security measures.

c)The programming guidelines are not very clear.

d)Some packages have very moderate quality.


It is such a programming language that is own by MathWorks and was found in the 1980s. Earlier it was use exclusively by scientists and engineers. It is majorly use in image processing and the computer vision industry. Anybody who is relate to the field of machine learning, signal processing, and communications or computational finance and relate fields, can benefit from R language.

The website of MathWorks’ has an extensive section which is dedicate to answering questions about Matlab. It enables users for deep learning like verifying the search, processing the images, analyzing the data, or creating the algorithms.


a) It is really good for the beginner level of developers and programmers.

b) Although it is recommend to have basic knowledge of programming for learning R it is not mandatory.

c)It is independent to be used on any platform.

d)Scientific research applications can be easily found through R.

e) Debugging process is quite easier here.

f) Here the Algorithms can run easily as well as get test.

g) Comparatively easier to learn than other programming languages.

h) High coding efficiency and productivity.

i)By adding more toolboxes, more functionalities can be add.

j) As support by the inbuilt rich library, it eases the process of developing scientific simulation.


a) As it is an interpret programming language, it is quite slower.

b) One needs to purchase a license to use it.

c)It is limit to the scope of numerical computing only.

d)During the process of cross-compilation for resolving the errors, strong knowledge and experience are required.

5) PHP

PHP was found in 1990 and is an open-source programming language. It is again one of the popular programming use majorly for developing websites on the Internet. Some of the leading companies using PHP are Lyft, Slack, Yahoo, Facebook, and many more. This language has a huge supporting community which makes it easier for any programmer or developer to get their queries resolve in seconds.


a) It is suitable for beginners to Intermediate level developers and programmers.

b) It works on different platforms like Web, Mobile, and Desktop.

c)It is a very cost-effective tool.

d)It is quite flexible with the connection of the database.

e) It is easily integrable into different tools to get additional functionalities.

f)Xdebug supports exclusive and really good debugging.

g) It supports object-oriente and functional programming paradigms.

h) Plenty of strong frameworks are available.

i)Good automation tools can be easily deploy.


a) Process of handling errors is not that great.

b) It is not good enough in terms of security.

c) If the website is to be solely develop on PHP, then it will be quite slow.

d) Too much requirement of extensions.

e) Unable to support a large number of apps.


Python is one such language that is high level as well as a general-purpose programming language. There are many useful libraries and web frameworks relate to this language. It is mostly use in software programming, web development, and other relate areas.


a) It enables a beginner to quickly become productive.

b) It works on web and desktop platforms.

c) Code readability is the prime focus area over here.

d) It helps to build the prototypes faster and then get it test.

e) Got huge library support.

f) Very flexible in its work.

g) It is highly regarde in official tutorials and documentation.


a) It does not start with the basics of programming.

b) Does not support mobile computing.

c)The layer to access the whole database is not very mature.

d)Being an independent interprete programming language, it is quite slower.


Above we got to know in detail about some of the famous programming languages which will also be dominating in future. So, it depends on the developers or the programmers which career they want to pursue. And once the language is decide, there are several organizations that offer certification of completion of the course.

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