6 Styles of Custom Tie Boxes to Give Graceful Look

The tie is an essential part that completes your professional attire look and makes your personality presentable in meetings and gatherings. Whether you are male or female, but you need, you need ties to complete your professional look. Also, ties become an essential part of party theme dress coats. And people buy the products from a trustworthy retailer that offers quality products and pack them in high-standard packaging that is also eco-friendly. For this purpose, you need custom tie boxes to pack your ties flawlessly. Here are some points that you can choose as per your choice in packaging. 

  • Material 
  • Style 
  • Design 
  • Text 
  • Logo 
  • Font style 
  • Add-on 
  • Embellishments 

At this time, we talk about top styles of tie packaging boxes that you can pick to pack your ties and protect them from dullness or demanding elements. 

Sleeve and Sliding Tie Boxes For Easy to Open 

Our first custom tie boxes style uses sliding cartons that are very easy to open for your en-users. These boxes are made from any cardstock as per your requirement. You need to choose a thick cardstock range for the construction of sleeve tie boxes style.
Apart from this, sleeve boxes contain two parts one is the drawer, and the other is a sleeve that covers the drawer and products protectively. Also, the drawer easily pulls like smooth sliding that is quite an easy p open for your users. Plus, you can print ant designs for these boxes to make them catchy. So pick the option that you want to see in your tie packaging.  

Flip-top Tie Boxes For Elegant Look 

Another option that makes your custom tie packaging boxes more alluring for your target audiences is flip-top boxes. Such boxes look like simple 1-pieces boxes but have to bend lids that help them close and secure your products. The perfect cardstock for flip-top tie cases is to use rigid cardstock for your potential customer. Flip-top tie boxes increase the value of your products to grasp the attention of your end-users. 

Magnetic Lid Box to Pack Your Ties 

Such boxes are mostly used as necktie gift boxes with luxuries add-on coatings like matte, stamping, embossing, debossing, and spot UV coatings. This box is also made from heavy-duty rigid cardstocks to give a splendid look to your tie boxes. Apart from this, you can place EVA foam and tray inside the box to hold your tie securely and appealingly for your end-users. But such boxes are best to make necktie box gift kits for events, and people buy them for gifting purposes on occasions. 

Mailer Tie Packaging Boxes AS Durable Solution 

The use of mailer tie packaging offers durable shelter to your ties and makes them esthetic for your audiences. Mostly mailer boxes are constructed with corrugated material that customers choose according to the need that fits in your budget. Next to this, mailer boxes have a double lock system and interlocking flaps that create a strong wall of protection for your end-users. Also, you get these tie boxes wholesale to buy your items at market-leading prices. Moreover, these boxes look more quirky and enchanting with printed content or rand info. 

Window Tie Boxes For Product Visibility 

Some people buy ties by searching and checking the products with their hands. And sometimes, your ties face moisture stains that decrease the value of your products. So, the use of windows on tie boxes offers the visibility of your products for colors, material, and design authentication that you choose for your braid. Plus, you have the option to use double-sided windows and single-sided windows for presenting your ties. But use a single-sided window with any unique shape to see your product before buying the products. 

2-Piece Rigid Tie Packaging Boxes 

Our last option is to use premium quality rigid 2-pieces boxes to present your ties in the industry. These boxes are available in versatile sizes, shades, and designs as per the customer’s choice. But mostly, these boxes are simple and print with 1 and 2coloru printing that you can easily afford. So, contact a trustworthy custom tie boxes manufacturer to get simple but aristocratic tie packaging boxes to present your ties in the industry that win customers’ hearts.  

Wrapping Up Discussion 

The above discussion revolves around the custom tie boxes style that makes your products presentable for users. Due to this, they must be unique and decent to pack your ties fabulously and again use as tie storage holders. On the other hand, you can pick window tie boxes, 2-piece rigid tie boxes, mailer boxes, magnetic lid boxes, and flip stop tie boxes. All are customized in shapes and sizes to facilitate your users with quality products. Add to this; you can pick any custom shape and dimensions according to your desire to pack your ties awesomely. Now it is all up to you what type of styles you can use for your tie packaging boxes.


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