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Some of the most spectacular and great scenery in the world was found in the USA and some of the

great recognizable icons are also on the planet.

The United States has many bucket list destinations, drawing visitors from all around the world. A list of compiling places is step one to see. But keep in mind, given the size of the United States, most of the people planning trips to this specific region, be it the Southwest, the East Coast, the beaches of California or Florida, or some of the regions outlying like Alaska and Hawaii. You may want to see some of the sights of the city or head out to some of the natural areas and parks. In some cases, you can easily combine the two if you are planning a one or two-day trip.

6 top-rated tourist places

However, all of these great tourist places recognize their country by its beautiful scenery.

Grand Canyon

It Is one of the great and natural attractions and also the most visited place in the United States. This is carved out by the River of Colorado, the Grand Canyon deeply cuts into the landscape, creating dramatic edges and cliff walls. Visitors standing on its rim can see down its floor a mile below and also look out the ridges over and cliffs that run as far as the eye can see.

From Las Vegas this south rim is far 4.5 hours by car, it is the most visited section of National Park Grand Canyon. This is where you’ll find a large visitor center, bus regularly services along the high season Rim, and also the walkway which runs along the canyon with viewing numerous platforms and points. Wonderful several hikes, in which Bright Angel Trail are also included.

The glass bridge of the Sky wall leads out the Grand Canyon over the edge, it is another popular attraction. It is located on the West Rim, at Eagle point. The lookout areas mean the North Rim provides a greatly different perspective. This park section is one of the less-visited and has limited access from November to May due to winter and snow conditions.

Niagara Falls

Moreover, this is situated along the Canada-US border. The water which comes from Lake Erie flows into Lake Ontario over these massive waterfalls, which are known for their great quantity of water that tumbling continuously over the vertical drop.

This fall is actually three falls set, which is consisting of the two largest sections, that known as Horseshoe Falls, with 187 feet drop; a second on the American side of the river section, known as the Falls of American, with an 89 feet drop; and a much thinner section located next to the American Falls, known as Veil Bridal Falls, with a 78 feet drop of.

On both sides of the river, the view is good, but the Canadian side gives a different perspective and it is worth a great visit if you don’t mind crossing the border into Canada.

Statue of Liberty

A symbol of universal freedom, the Statue of Liberty is America’s most familiar icon and one of the largest statues all over the world. This is proudly standing in New York Harbor, visitors admiring it with the statue from various of around the city points, particularly the Battery Park, or taking a ferry right to this statue.

For those people planning to go out of the statue, options in which grounds tickets, pedestal tickets, or crown tickets are included which allow different levels of site access. One of the best options for the tour is, take a tour and see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island both.

White house

The White House should be on your list of top things which you want to see in Washington. This historic structure is going to be the home of every president. 

Mainly, Lafayette Park is on the north side of the White House. Beyond this only a zone for pedestrians, full of many interesting characters. And has an excellent and great spot to get a good photo.

It was built originally in 1972 by James Hoban. And, after it was burned down by British forces in 1814, was going to be rebuilt in 1818. White House tours are free, but it wants reservations that must be made a minimum of three weeks in advance. This house’s strict rules of security are in effect always.

Disney World resort

This Disney mega amusement park is held in Orlando. It is one of the top attractions of American families. And is going to cater to both old and young for decades. 

This park opened in 1971, Walt Disney World. Which is greatly visited by children and also for many of the adults throughout many of the years.

Walt Disney World Resort not only encompasses the various theme parks. In which water parks are included. Downtown Disney with theaters and shopping, and much more, from golf to dining. In this place, you have a chance to spend a day or a week in it.


Moreover, Waikiki has been one of the great tourist destinations for over a century. Today this area is a cross between a modern city and a tropical paradise.

Making a Relax feeling on this beautiful stretch of sand place. The tallest palm trees are blowing in the wind. I will let you know certainly you are in some of the tropics. But the buildings with great height and the busy street behind. Are a reminder in which you are not far from civilization. 

Shopping, surfing, diving, and sunbathing are all a part of what makes this small section of Oahu. Which is so popular with all ages from all parts of the world.


However, plenty of options are awaiting you, with sprinkled incredible sights across the country. Enviable position for anyone having unlimited resources and time. These are included in one of the top attractions to include in your great type of itinerary.

Unarmed guard services make these great visiting places protect. From any security issue mainly for visitors which come from any other country. 

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