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If styled correctly, nothing makes a stronger statement than a set of stunning earrings because earrings are one-of-a-kind best jewelry. They are usually a small element in attire, but they add a huge fashion statement. Earrings are one of the few ways to express your personality.

Unlike clothes, you can choose the best pair of earrings, which add beauty to your style. It can be quite hard to find the best jewelry that goes with your face, attire, or even style.

For a lovely collection of earrings, here are 7 stunning earrings you must own:


Hoop earrings are simple, but it’s a classy choice! it looks elegant with both gold and diamond. It doesn’t matter you are making a fashion statement or not, but hoop earrings are the must-have jewellry in your accessory. They are one of the most traditional types of jewelry. Round shapes are the most common type of hoop earring. Hoop earrings are more trendy than ever since earrings are in popularity. There are many types of hoops earrings like:-

  • Classic hoop earrings
  • Diamond cut hoops
  • Oval hoops

2. Stud earrings:-

When it comes to earrings, jewelry fashion has seen a lot of different styles come and go, but on the other hand, the trend of stud earrings has never gone out of style. Stud earrings are everyone’s favorite because styling them with every attire gives a classic look. These earrings give grace to your ears and style them. You may give alluring touch by crafting them with white or yellow gold.


Diamond earrings are classy jewelry, and it is also the most famous jewelry in this generation. Even though diamond earrings are simple in form, there are thousands upon thousands of various diamond earrings to pick. It is the best choice for engagement or wedding earrings that enhance your beauty. You can gift these pair of earrings to any woman.


If you want to make a beautiful fashion statement, it’s not surprising that emerald earrings take all the highlights. Emerald jewelry is available in a variety of shapes and types. Emerald earrings are timeless and elegant and give a pretty look.


Earring with tanzanite stone exudes a lovely and sparkling appeal. It is declared the world’s second most valuable stone. This Tanzanite Earring will sparkle brilliantly no matter how you wear it, and it’s the ideal showstopper for any ensemble. You can carry these earrings to an office meeting or a night dinner date.


Earrings crafted with ruby made an excellent pair. Ruby earring is the must-have jewelry in any jewelry box. The ruby’s intense red hue is attached with passion, romance, beauty, vitality, confidence, joy, and life. On the Mohs scale, ruby indicates hardness on 9. They are durable and suitable for everyday use. You can style ruby earrings with a red gown or a tiny red dress.


Blue sapphires earring is true justice to the beauty and allure. Sapphire is a classy stone that provides timeless jewelry and can be worn by anybody at any time. Blue sapphire is the symbol of elegance and beauty. These earrings look classy when crafted with yellow or white gold. At Chordia Jewels you will get a wide collection of Blue sapphire earrings that suits your styles.

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