7 Strategies To Engage Preschool Kids

Preschool is the first experience of a child away from home. It is only for a few hours, but it is extremely challenging to make children sit and engage in different activities during that time. Moreover, all these children are only three years of age. They do what they see. If one child starts crying or shows disinterest, others will follow! The real challenge of preschools in Malaysia and worldwide is to keep kids involved and interested in school. It takes a set of qualifications, experience, and tons of patience to achieve this target and make the children love their school. 

There are countless options for a school in Kuala Lumpur for young kids. Though the options are plenty, few are always better than the others. The key difference lies in the strategies that the school follows. It depends on what they do to keep the children interested and involved. Let us take a deeper insight into all these strategies.  

Seven strategies to keep preschoolers engaged 

Give them options

Everybody likes to have options and the liberty to choose what they want to do. These 3-year-olds may look too young for decision-making, but giving them ownership makes them happy. Place smart choices in front of them and allow them to decide which option they want to pick. For example, let them choose whether they want to paint or sketch. Ask them if they wish to play in the garden or the toy area. Then, when they do what they want, they are least likely to get bored or disinterested.

Get Moving

Always keep the children busy! Never keep a time gap when they are not doing anything and are on their own. It doesn’t mean schools should tire them. They only need to have a timetable of what and when to do to keep the kids on the move every time. 


The teachers need to be equally active and involved in an activity if they want the children to enjoy it. Hence, the strategy is to participate and get involved with the children, making them believe that teacher and they are doing this together. This way, they would be more involved and happier with whatever activity teachers choose for them. 

Use Technology

Using technology and innovative learning techniques is also fruitful for better child engagement. For example, the preschools in Malaysia use the audio-video screening options, show them pictures and introduce them to various online activities for increased attention. 

Fun is Essential

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! It is an old saying but stands true in this modern age. Hence, to make children love their time at school and stay engaged and involved all the time, give them a fun time. Preschools have enough toys, a play area, and a garden preferably, where they can do whatever they want!

Snack Time

Everybody loves to eat, and it is the best way to get the attention and liking of a child. However, schools are careful with what they feed the children. They opt for healthy options that fill their tummy, keep their interest intact, and don’t have any ill effects on their health. Some schools also turn it into a fun activity where the child obeying the teacher gets a snack!

Engage all the senses

Every school in Kuala Lumpur should plan activities strategically so that they need to make use of all their senses. This way, there is no scope of distractions, and the child pays full attention to the task. 

With these strategies, engaging a pre-schooler becomes convenient. There can be countless other ways that teachers and the faculty can use to ensure the children have a good time at school and learn well. It is the foundation of their educational journey which is about to start. Hence, emphasis should be on giving them a good start.

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