7 Things that can Slow Down your Computer – [Windows Tips]

With the enhanced and internet speed touching highs like never before, the slow speed of computers can annoy users. There can be many little bugs that can slow down the speed of your PC. The bugs can be excessive data, connection issues, or driver status outdated. Clear the irrelevant data, use high-speed internet and keep the drivers updated. You can update all your system drivers manually or by using any of the best completely free driver updater tools. These minor changes can increase your system speed exponentially.

The article below talks about seven such things that can slow down your Windows computer. These bugs can be simply fixed by using the Windows tips mentioned along with the issues.

7 Things that can Slow Down your PC:

As you are here you might be one of the users facing speed issues with your PC. In this era of flash speed networks and devices, slow speed can be annoying. Read on to understand what are the seven things that can slow down your PC and Windows tips to get back your PC to its actual speed.

1. A hard drive that is fragmented

Often Windows devices store data unevenly. This fragmented data requires more time to retrieve when searched for. The information stored is fragmented across different disks of your device, this takes a long time to display search results. This can be solved by defragmenting your disk data manually. Although, few new UIs allow users to schedule defragmentation of data. Search for disk defrag in the start box of your device.

2. The Hard drive is almost full

Hard drive storage has a direct impact on the speed of your device. It’s advisable to not fill the hard drive up to its maximum capacity. One of the most common and working Windows tips is to delete unnecessary files and data. Clear your Recycle bin, move some of the data to cloud storage or to an external drive. This can help your system get back to its normal working speed.

3. Hardware lacks proper ventilation

It is important to keep your computer clean and dust-free. The excessive dust can hamper the working of devices and your entire Windows PC. Leave a sufficient amount of space for the vent ends of your devices. Check and clean the exhausts for dirt or any other stuff that can lead to malfunctioning your device.

4. Auto Startup

Many programs on your PC can autoload in the background as soon as you switch on the device. These programs use a lot of memory and resources of your device. Further, these occupied resources can slow down the processing speed. One of the easy Windows tips to fix this is to search for msconfig in the Run command box. Uncheck all the programs that are not required to be launched automatically.

5. Multiple Antivirus software

Antivirus software is a necessity and a good choice to make. But having more than one of them can mess up the working of your device. If two such programs are running, they will acquire more resources. Disable the existing antivirus first if you plan to add a new one to your Windows PC.

6. Excessive add ons on Browser:

If the speed issue is restricted to browsing, this can be due to too many extensions or add ons. From the list of  Windows tips, another simple tip is to locate the extensions tab on your browser. Disable the add ons which are not in use.

7. HD Visuals

The processing units with low horsepower cannot handle the high graphic demands. This can hamper the performance of your PC. Simply minimize the enhancements in the display that are not necessary. Optimize your PC settings for better speed rather than looks. Also, make sure the graphic drivers are up to date. Updated drivers help in establishing better communication amongst different devices and your Windows PC.


We hope the above article has helped you regain the original speed of your Windows device. The list contains things that can slow down the speed of your PC with subsequent Windows tips to resolve it. These are the simple and most effective measures that can go a long way to increase the speed and performance of your device.

Let us know your additional tips to improve the speed of your PC in the comments below. If you found the content helpful subscribe to our Newsletter to never miss an update.

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