8 Exciting Meals You Can Have To Spruce up Your Soul

Are you not having a good day as planned? 

There might be various reasons if something ails you, but to give you comfort, you will always find food that can lift your mood. Yes, your comfort food, which can be lifesaving during the hardest times of your day.

Comfort food has the ability to make us feel calm and happy when we feel low or blue. Strangely, these dishes are rich in calories, but they are often simple to whip up in minutes.

Having comfort food gives your body and mind the ultimate kick of relaxation. 

If you are sticking to just a few meal choices for comfort food, you are missing out on plenty of other delicacies as in this blog, you will find the most delicious and comforting meals for your soul. 

  1. Dumplings

You will find only a few people who are not fans of Chinese cuisine. Being one of the best cuisines around the world, Chinese food can fill you up physically and lift you emotionally. 

If you are craving Chinese, you will find a great hearty portion of dumplings, easy to make just by steaming them for a while.

The happy news about the dumplings is you can add the fillings of your choice, whether you are non-veg or vegetarian, and the process is very straightforward. You can make an extra batch and freeze them for instant servings anytime.

  1. Caramel custard

Are you feeling blue? Let the sweet boil of custard treat your sadness.

Custards are a sweet delicacy for those with a sweet tooth. It serves you with sweetness, which produces dopamine in your body. Ultimately, you will see a change in your mood after a few bites.

Cooking a custard in a hurry can be challenging, especially when you are planning to give yourself a treat. It can be a time taking dessert when you have to give it time to cool down. Fortunately, you can get a bowl of your favorite custard, but first, you should see verified prices from Andy’s frozen custard before you make an order.

  1. Ratatouille 

Want to know about a food that has a Disney movie name?

Yes, ratatouille is a southern French cuisine made with simple vegetables to give a warm hug to your soul. The best part about the meal is it serves as a comfort and healthy food. It is usually made with simple vegetables, including, Zucchini, squash, eggplant, and red pepper. 

Fortunately, to have a French taste, you don’t have to leave your place; with simple ingredients, you can cook it at home. 

  1. Chicken pot pie

Chicken pot pie is the never-ending and beloved comfort food you can serve kids and adults. When feeling sick, this pot can magically make you feel better with healthier creamy vegetable and chicken broth and flaky pastry puffs on the outside.

Usually, people enjoy the meal when they are sick with the flu, but it is said that the 100 percent taste of this dish will be experienced in the case you are fully healthy.

  1. Chocolate cake 

Don’t feel guilty if you have a chocolate cake full of a belly. Anything with chocolate can do the deed for chocolate lovers.

You can become a happy person in minutes with a simple intake of chocolate. Whether it is a mouse cake or a black forest, taking hands down from a cake feels like a sin to many people. How did it become a part of healthy comfort meals? 

Chocolate contains rich vitamins that can improve your emotional and chronic health. Heaving less sweet cocoa cake will serve the benefits of comfort food healthily.  

  1. Soups 

Do you need a quick pick-me-up meal? 

Then grab a bowl of soup with the broth you like the most. Soups are made for the souls as they give the belly a warm hug and make you feel emotionally well. 

Soups are a light, healthy and fulfilling delicacy you can enjoy anytime. The flavorful and herb-infused broth can give you a healthy kick and warm feeling. 

  1. Chili Fries

Fries are the ultimate love food for the soul. It becomes difficult to keep the hands away from the fries, and when you are planning to give a savory treat, fires will be great in service.

Simple fries with a touch of spices and cheese can turn amazingly delicious and shareable. Your stomach will stop, but your mouth will never have this kind of fries on your plate.

 You can make a bowl to share with your partner or friend while you talk. 

  1. Pizza

You might wonder how pizza has been made through this list, but it is one of the best and most popular Italian cuisines. No matter what topping or crust you get, a pizza can bring a smile and lift your mood. 

The best thing about pizza is you will find it so fulfilling, and eating it alone won’t give you any guilt.

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