A Comprehensive Guide on Soundstages in NYC

Filming requires professional skills, and a single mistake can impact the quality of the shoot. Many of you have heard about soundstage; however, beginners filmmakers are curious to know how filming works on soundstages in NYC. In this article, we will cover all your queries. Before that, let’s have a look at the soundstage. 

What is a Soundstage? 

It’s a soundproof stage that helps to have quality shoots. The sound will focus on the voice of the subject and eliminate all the unnecessary sounds. Below you will discover some essential features of it. 

➤Make sure to keep it close to the soundproof: 

Usually, the soundstage is soundproof and allows seamless shooting. There will be no disturbance, and directors don’t have to yell to stop in between. 

➤Not Neglect the Lightning 

Another element that every beginner director must know is that lightning is key. You can find the soundstages that come with adequate lighting features. 

➤ Require Sufficient Space 

Space is required to make the movie as, again, it has a great influence on the quality of the recording. Not only are the actors on the set, but the entire crew is also there to make the film. In addition, the tools involved in making films also need space. 

Things to Consider When Shooting on Soundstage 

➤The soundstage also needs the power to operate and let you complete the shoot on time. You indeed need the space for the electrical outlets and require power to carry on the production. Moreover, you need to keep in control of the temperature, mainly down, to allow the filming tools to run effectively.  

➤Generally, filmmakers hire the soundstage rather than buy it. It’s because it saves them money and is surely an ideal choice to make. Technology is evolving, and after some time, you need to update your film studio. Today, directors are making the best use of a virtual set background to implement innovative stories in films. Similarly, the soundstage must be updated with the latest equipment to meet today’s audience needs. 

➤Think about security as it’s critical to do. The tools are quite costly, so if it’s not possible to install the cameras, then you must ensure you are not leaving the equipment unattended. 

Shooting a Film on a Soundstage

Firstly, filmmakers need to decide whether to shoot the film in some location or on a soundstage. Shooting in a location means you are shooting in the real world despite being in a film studio. However, when shooting the movie on a soundstage, you don’t need to have more control over the external environment. The outdoor setting challenges you in terms of light & sound. Therefore, shooting a film on a soundstage is easy. In addition, the green screen helps the film editor to add the location in the background.

Now you have a clear picture of what a soundstage is, its features, and some vital considerations. Every director aims to have an effective soundstage as it is packed with advanced tools which ensure quality and encourage them to get the shooting done timely in the studio rather than going out. 


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