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Addressing Risks in Surrogacy and How to Deal with Them

Surrogacy is a rewarding journey but equally challenging. You have to deal with health risks and complications, among other issues. Even if you’re an egg donor, you have your set of challenges. That’s why it’s good to consider egg donation services or surrogacy agencies that know their job well.

If we talk about a surrogate mother, in particular, she has to deal with anxiety. There’s emotional stress too. You may feel overwhelmed for no specific reason or experience mood changes. It’s common during pregnancy, but addressing them can help. This way, you can know how to deal with a particular situation. Whether you need a physician or a friend, you will be able to find out.

Let’s discuss the risks and challenges associated with surrogacy and how to address them effectively.

Medical issues

A surrogate mother has to go through the screening process. During this time, there will be physical tests, along with mental health check-ups. It is done to ensure that you are fit and clear to initiate the surrogacy process.

If we talk about the medical issues in general, one may have to deal with weight gain, back pain, swelling, morning sickness, and heartburn. That’s not all. There could be complications, such as hypertension or gestational diabetes.

You may have to bear the cost of visiting your physician for guidance or treatment. In this context, if we talk about the surrogacy compensation or egg donation cost: it depends on the agency you’re working with or consulting an IVF clinic.

For the medical issues mentioned above, it’s wise to consult your physician if you experience any symptoms. The idea is to keep yourself in good health so that your surrogacy journey becomes fruitful.

Emotional risks

A surrogate mother goes through an emotional phase during pregnancy. She has a lot of emotions that are expressed in different forms. There could be mood changes, tiredness, feeling happy, or having a low mood. Besides this, one may experience bouts of depression, and that’s where you need to care for yourself more. It’s suggested to have a 24×7 support system on whom you can count. It can be your family or a friend.

As you feel happy to help the intended parents, there could be a feeling of sadness as the due date comes near. You may be feeling different emotions, and that’s why you should have a friend beside you to listen to you. You may feel like venting out so your mind can relax. Or if you’re not feeling well, there should be somebody to take you to the doctor or provide treatment at home.

It is all similar to the egg donation process also. If you know someone who has donated eggs in the past, you can share your experience and ask how the donor must have felt. That’s why considering working with the best surrogacy agency or egg donation services is crucial. You can’t rely on anybody and everybody. It’s about giving birth to a new life.

The surrogacy compensation or egg donation cost comes later. Your health should be your priority. If you’re ready to experience motherhood, your mind and body should be in sync. You should be able to enjoy the journey rather than be anxious at all times. Taking care of yourself and maintaining a healthy relationship with intended parents are two things you should focus on when opting for surrogacy.

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