Are Sticky Pads Good For Your Number Plates?

Number Plates of The Cars

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A car’s identity card can be say to be its number plate. The number plate traces the car’s owner and other essential details when needed. Custom number plates aren’t just for attracting the attention of oncoming traffic; they’re also for legal reasons! The primary reason a motor is given a set of license plates is to provide it with a unique identity that can be traced whenever necessary.

There are different ways of laying this identity onto the car, with number plate sticky pads convenient. In many regions, number plates or license plates cannot be made from any material because they must be solid, reflective, and long-lasting enough to be used on cars and trucks in all sorts of weather conditions.

Most countries also allow motorists to customize their vehicle registration numbers by purchasing number plates that are a combination they can use to identify their vehicles in a more personalized way; these are often referred to as private number plates or custom number plates and are becoming more and more popular around the world.

Different Ways of Fixing Number Plates on Your Vehicle

The options you have to put your number plate on the vehicle are to either use sticky pads or screw them into your car. Both of these options are something that you can do yourself. You need to have thorough research on which option is more suitable for you and easier to apply. Here we will explore these options and compare their pros and cons.

Sticky Pads:

 First, place sticky pads on the back of the new license plates. We strongly advise six pads per number plate, and in some cases, such as with gel resin number plates and larger number plates, we recommend applying more buffers, such as 9-12. To get the best grip, place the pads in the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal positions shown in the photos. When you are ready to apply the number plates to your vehicle, remove the backing from the double-sided pads.

Gently press the plate against the area on the vehicle where you will be applying your new number plates. When you’re satisfie with the position, apply firm pressure to the plate surface with your hands to ensure the sticky pads adhere. Because our pads are extreme, we highly recommend the sticky pad adhesion option. Other advantages include not having to drill your number plates, which results in a neater plate.

In most cases, the plates also appear to last longer and are more resistant to water ingress. If the area on your vehicle is curve or bent, we do not recommend using sticky pads. Some Mercedes and Porsche vehicles have curved and bent bumpers, which can cause the number plate to flex. In those cases, we recommend using screws at both ends of the number plate. VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape is by far the simplest way to attach a new number plate to your car. It’s quick and simple to apply, and it’s extremely strong and long-lasting.

Self-Adhesive Disadvantages

1)Plates may appear to be an easy target for potential thieves with screws. 

2)Not as safe.

3)Number plates and the car’s surface must be clean and dry.


Users strongly advise using your existing number plates as a template when installing your number plates with screws. This will ensure that the screw holes on your new number plates are in the same place. This is not entirely necessary if you want to relocate your screw holes, or if your number plates were stuck using sticky pads and you want to fix them with screws instead.

If you are using screws to install your new number plates and the existing number plates have not been screwe on, you will not need to use your existing number plate as a template. You must now drill new holes in the desired location. However, using your old number plate as a test before drilling your new number plates may be beneficial.

If necessary, you can also secure your number plates with a combination of screws and sticky pads.

Final Say

So keeping these things in mind you should decide what you want. 

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