Mixed media collage art and drawing

Mixed media collage art and drawing. With Floyd recreating in the ground to block external sounds, the time fragments of Katherine Chang Liu to work in her studio. When she started for the first time in the late 1970s, Chang Liu often worked intensely in the night, and she kept this discipline for all her career. Now for a parent older, this new program is a challenge for you, but you decided not to make requests on your time not to become excuses, don’t work. It’s your life and learn to use it. The same scale for equanimity and positivity contributed to your success as an artist.

Path to Art

Likewise, as life happens when you make other plans, art was not even a call port to the practical career path of Chang Liu. When students encourage to study mathematics and science to collect technological progress in the West. Chang Liu took over the University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, to a complete scholarship, eventually acquiring a master’s degree in nutritionists. Still, the decision delay them to do a doctorate like her and her husband two years After Indiana pulled. You can find work. She didn’t take a sculpture lesson at the Purdue University of Indiana, wherein she concluded that three-dimensional Art wasn’t her complete with her.

When her husband offer a location in Roanoke, Virginia, a series of events, that Chang Liu rediscover by her background in science and put him on the road to the artist. Roanoke was the home of my energy as an artist. In the thriving art registry of Southwest Virginia, Art is satisfied with other artists and collapsed a group that often comes true for the figure’s design. My growth was like an artist to do with my friends. The realistic looks and the mild weather of the Shenandoah Valley, adorn the West of the Monti Blue Ridge and east of the Appalachia, waved to Chang Liu and started painting the outdoor landscapes.

Progress for abstraction

art and drawing

A few years after, Katherine and her spouse transferred to the south of California, where they are always. She thought art was temporary persecution, just a way to buy time until she returned to science. Chang Liu, buried children, have delayed the decision to end their promotion; she started painting, partly because she needed something to take her walls, but she didn’t think about art as a career. She loved what she did, but she worked very hard, sometimes painting the night. She’s job was pushed to Los Angeles. The doors opened for them, even when they didn’t know where these doors would have brought. If I tried to plan a career, I don’t know if I came to the same place as an artist.

Katherine’s first images were watercolor landscapes; they evolved into more conceptual pieces in a specific time. Her progress of her for the abstraction of her appearance, of course, since the finely detailed paintings of rocks and the small wonders of nature have allowed an increasingly focused approach to breaking the images in fragmented color aircraft. It is not hard to sense the scientist’s eye showing the artist’s hand to Chang Work, the two who operate in tandem to create fun of the lyrical from the useful.

Range of space

In the work of the mixed media of Katherine Chang Liu, their titles come first in the first time, a word or phrase that causes a visual image, a thought that you strive to keep constant throughout the process. She wants the last painting to get out of the word she started with whom she started remembering her narrative in a breath. Most of these efforts will be carried out at an intellectual or emotional level, with technology almost a secondary activity. The finished work reflects this process, a card of your inner landscape.

Although their approach is based on instinct, the illustrations by Katherine Chang are always prepared to free them to devise or make modifications as they go. Once you have settled on a label, you decide on spatial trips, positioning the primary forms and transitional areas or contrast. You can see the painting in her head; when you arrange the design on their surface, you have already performed from eight to 10 sketches.

Construct a level

Katherine Chang painted as if she were creating a location; each painting has a minimum of eight lessons, including many years. Although you find the card the seductive surface with which they work, it is not practical like the wooden plate, the robust, light, and more accessible canvas or paper.

She gives the panel two shallow chalk coats and lets it dry between the coats without grinding to maintain texture. When building levels, Chang Liu attracts collage layers that have found elements, letters, family documents, magazine cutouts, newspapers, and cool drawings created on their computer for specific painting – with the pastel pencil based on oil and l Pitt ink. She makes you use it with color significantly and not as a decorative element. It is probably more color in foundation layers, dilute or strengthen the shades since she creates the levels.

Learning to Stretch

Katherine Chang has taught for more than three decades and still manages the pleasure of developing his students his language of art. She saw how a small student cohort is growing under their protection. We are all extendable in our capabilities. We need to learn to stretch. As with its paintings, you analyze her work with her left brain. With their right, they throw those who want to reach, which deserves the loving nickname.

Browsing a path between east and west, art and science, parenting expectations and unexpected possibilities, academic results and latent talent and complexity and simplicity with the balance of grace and protection is Katherine something of a contradiction; You labored hard to achieve victory as an artist without actually having this dream. To date, sometimes, he wonders if she took the right decision not to pursue a career in science, although she is asked as a study specialist, teacher, curator, and sworn. In contrast to science, art is a combination of so many complexities. If you are attentive to your personality, the kind of art you do.

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