Bamboo Fencing Explained

Unlike other types of wooden fencing, the bamboo fence doesn’t have any dangerous deposits that could speed up the process of biodegradation. Because of this, bamboo poles made of bamboo are not very durable. Most bamboo fences last less than two years. Treated bamboo fences last between five and six years. Even if you give bamboo poles the special care they need, they won’t keep their beautiful look for decades if you use them to make a fence.

How does weathering happen to bamboo?

Over time, bamboo will rot, lose its color, and split just like any other type of wood used for outdoor fences. The weathering process in bamboo started when different environmental factors, like changes in climate and relative humidity, came together.

Tiny cracks form on its surface when bamboo is repeatedly wetted and dried. The ultraviolet (UV) radiation breaks down the cellulose layer, and then the wind and dust particles sandblast the surface of the bamboo. All these things will cause the bamboo fencing materials that are meant to be used outside to break down over time.

Because bamboo has a lot of starch, it attracts mold, fungus, and termites. Unfortunately, they do a lot of damage as they dry, are stored, and are then used. Bamboos also have small amounts of waxes, resins, and tannins, but none of these substances are poisonous enough to make bamboo much more robust than it already is.

How do you take care of a bamboo fence?

Because bamboo doesn’t stand up well to wear and tear, the poles should be treated for insects as soon as they are cut down. One of the most common ways to preserve things is to soak bamboo fibers in a mixture of borax or boric acid minerals. This method works well, so it is used a lot.

Once the sugars in the bamboo fibers have been replaced with salts, insects won’t be able to hurt them anymore. Because of this, treated bamboo fences last at least ten years, as long as the natural bamboo sticks don’t come into direct contact with the sun, rain, or soil. The treated bamboo fence is still fragile if it is in a tropical environment with direct sunlight and high humidity. When bamboo poles are used outside, the client is responsible for extra maintenance and a chemical spray treatment once a year.

How long does a fence make of FAKE bamboo take to rot?

Many customers have asked us to make fences out of synthetic materials that look like natural bamboo fences. Their resorts and amusement parks had natural bamboo fences built around the whole property. Unluckily, they all start to fade, change color, and grow mold after two or three years. Natural bamboo fences can be bought for a meager price, but the installation costs are pretty high. So, we came up with these plastic screens that look like bamboo. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of a ONETHATCH bamboo fence.

A new bamboo fence option may be a good choice for resorts. Our goods are guaranteed to last for more than twenty years. They were combined with ultra-durable aluminum fence frames and synthetic bamboo panels made of solid materials. We give you a wide range of designs and collections to choose from so that you can enjoy the beauty of a bamboo fence for many years.

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