Benefits Of CompTIA A+ Certification for Your IT Career

Your CompTIA A+ certification will allow you to obtain an entry-level position in the Information field. CompTIA courses enable you to learn the basic skills required to work with computer systems, networks, and hardware.

 A+ certifications are regarded as entry-level qualifications in the IT sector. 

Here are some of the benefits:

Enhances Your Basic Knowledge of Computers

Obtaining the CompTIA A+ certification provides you with hands-on experience with modern computer hardware and software. The certification allows you to acquire advanced knowledge and skills on how to troubleshoot various devices, including laptops, desktops, printers, and smartphones. 

Ensures Your Eligibility for A Variety of Jobs

You will be prepared for different entry-level positions in IT after completing the CompTIA A+ training. The following are some examples: IT Specialist, Desktop Support Analyst, Network Associate, Technical Support Analyst, Desktop Support Administrator, Technical Support Analyst, Networking or Service Technician, etc.

As a leading IT certification, CompTIA training serves as a means to certify your competency and prove it to employers. 

Provides Vendor-Agnostic Training

You will learn vendor-neutral fundamentals through CompTIA A+ courses. In addition to providing, you with a strong foundation of technical knowledge, the certification emphasizes technical terms. 

It can be challenging to resolve SLA agreements, particularly when the manufacturer asks you to do so via phone. Many companies send service technicians to fix hardware problems on-site, but it is imperative to handle various circumstances. As such, the CompTIAA+ certification proves valuable in this context.

Get certified as a CompTIA A+ Professional and join the growing community.

The CompTIA A+ certification recipients form part of a professional community, many of whom can be contacted for career guidance and technical support. You can also stay updated on the latest developments by participating in this community. 

In addition to providing a convenient way to meet other IT professionals, AITP, CompTIA’s professional association, is a convenient forum for networking with other certification holders. 

It Is Less Expensive Than a University Degree.

It is common for individuals to study for a degree before beginning a career in IT. Perhaps you are unnecessarily draining your bank account. It is estimated that the average cost of obtaining a two-year associate degree in computer science is $20,784. The CompTIA A+ certification, on the other hand, costs $232. Compared to a Computer Science degree, the CompTIA security+ exam cost is affordable.

The question is not whether CompTIA A+ certification is more valuable than a degree. What is critical is: what will you do with the knowledge you acquire? In the field of complex mathematical computation or CPU design, a degree is helpful for those seeking employment. It is, however, recommended that you pursue CompTIA A+ certification if you are planning on working in technical support or IT operations.

Obtain other CompTIA certifications to accelerate your career

To land better-paying jobs, you can also earn advanced certifications such as CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Security+ certification, CompTIA Network+, etc. You can also accelerate your IT career by earning additional CompTIA credentials such as the CompTIA CTT+ certification, CompTIA Project+ certification, and CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification.

Career Advancement

A CompTIA A+ certification does not guarantee you a senior position. Nonetheless, CompTIA A+ certification is an excellent method of validating one’s technical abilities. Professionals who are CompTIA A+ certified are capable of handling the most complex technical issues relating to configuration, networking, maintenance, troubleshooting, and security.

Final Word on CompTIA A+ Certification

You can validate your technical expertise by becoming CompTIA A+ certified. Earning CompTIA A+ certification is a good step towards further career advancement, even if you aim higher on the IT ladder.  

The best way to begin your IT career in 2021 is by becoming CompTIA A+ certified. It is essential to know the ins and outs of the certification and give it you’re all. These certifications add to your CV and your career so that you can find your dream job and excel in life.

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