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Best CCTV Locations For Home Use

Security is one of the most common issues people are experiencing today. Whatever precautions you take, it is an instinct to feel vigilant around you. This is especially for people with interests that are susceptible to safety problems. To help people feel at ease, devices such as CCTV was introduced. This works like a camera that monitors movement and events that are happening wherever it is placed.

Having a CCTV at home adds a layer of security and safety. It also functions to watch over your home from both inside and outside. So, it also acts as an extra pair of eyes and ears to monitor your property. Ideally, a CCTV will give you and your family peace of mind to enjoy privacy and safety. Your home should be the place where you feel most comfortable. So, it is important that you feel at ease in it.

An important feature of CCTV is it lets you check in on your property from wherever you are. You can see a live feed of your home on a smartphone or computer. When there is an unusual activity or detected noise, some CCTV can also trigger an alarm. This will help you to be more aware of your home without actually being at home.

What is important when it comes to keeping CCTVs at home is their placement. It can be tricky to plan, but it is vital to get it right. Some important points in your home must be protected. This will help you avoid misfortunes in the future.

Here, are some locations to consider when using a CCTV:

Front Door

Your front door is one of the most important areas to cover for your CCTV. Almost everything and everyone that goes in and out of your out can be seen there. It is also the most common entry point for break-ins. When it comes to unpredictable incidents such as robbery, making sure that you have a CCTV in your front door will expedite the investigation. It might even help have a clear view of the suspect.

Robbers often cover their faces to avoid being identified. However, a high-quality CCTV camera can capture details of an image. These details can give important clues to solve and identify their suspects with more evidence.

Back Door

You can place a CCTV on your camera on your back door if it does not have a secured access point. Experienced robbers might do calculated things such as observing your house before the break-in. If they realize that there is more entry opportunity on your back door, they can enter through it first. 

Since back doors are not mainly and most used at home, it might be placed in a poor lit area. Keeping your back door well-lit will make it less prone to break-ins. Having more lighting will also help get better shots with your CCTV.

Home Office

For some households, the home office is one of the most sensitive and private rooms. Some people keep their valuable possessions in home offices through a safe or cabinets. Important documentations are also mainly kept in offices. If the burglar is someone who has information on your personal and financial affairs, it would be easy for them to track these belongings.

Sensitive places in your home, like a home office, should have CCTV for an added layer of protection. One option is to place the CCTV in a position that covers the entire room. This can be achieved in the angles in the corners of a room. If you want to have more privacy and work more freely without it, you can place at CCTV outside covering the door instead.


Your garage is another location to consider for your CCTV placement. It should be able to cover the driveway or area and your car in a full frame. Automobiles are a common target to thieves. And when they are parked up overnight, it can be taken as an opportunity by burglars. A darkfighter or similar low light CCTV camera is recommended to give a color image even at night.

For closed garage spaces, you might have a small window or door via which a thief can squeeze into the house. Choosing a motion sensor camera that has infrared night vision will be a good option to use. This makes the camera more sensitive to every movement even in the dark. This will be more effective in helpful, even in planned robberies.

Key Takeaway

Having a CCTV at home is one of the best and most accessible ways to have security at home. First, it is effective in lessening your likelihood to experience a burglary. CCTVs are an instant threat to criminals since they will be faced with the challenge of being caught and recognized. Second, you will easily solve crimes of theft if you experience it. Many CCTVs have their own way of recognizing faces which is an essential piece of evidence.

Whatever the reasons are, it is vital that you place your CCTV device in a more mindful and deliberate location. The angle, view, and placement are important to capture critical points of your home. When it is installed and placed right, a CCTV will save you on many occasions.

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