Here are Few Wonderful & Best Fusion 360 Alternatives

Fusion 360 Alternative

If you are here to find the best fusion alternatives. Then I want to start with the statement, that there is nothing best in the world. But If it meets your requirements, saving time, energy and money is always the best.

No matter whether it is software or something else. So, you may find these alternatives best-for-you in every aspect. As every software has its own pros and cons. 

We just have compiled a list. It may help you to decide from a bunch of lists. So, let’s start with some top to bottom. 

Best Fusion 360 Alternatives Fusion 360 by Autodesk

So at the top of the list, SketchUp is the first to jump up, let’s check its pros and cons.

1- SketchUp

SketchUp, one of the most popular 3D modelling programs in the world. It was created in 1999 and sold to Google in 2006. The Trimble app was sold to Google in 2012.

It is free software, but you need to pay if you want to use a wide variety of plug-ins. SketchUp offers three tiers of pricing. 1st, a free online edition that cannot export STL files, an online payment system, and advanced desktop software.

Sketchup logo- fusion 360 alternative

Visit SketchUp website.


  • You can use this software to draw, model, and render objects that can be converted into files for your 3D printer. 
  • The program uses cloud technology. In a way that few other CAD programs do.
  • Fusion 360 uses Autodesk servers Power instead of using a lot of processing power on your computer.
  • So if you are undertaking complex tasks, you don’t necessarily need an extremely powerful machine. 
  • Fusion 360 is available for both free and for a fee (around $310)


  • The application uses cloud technology, requires a good internet connection
  • When your internet goes down, you won’t be able to access your files
  • Keyboard shortcuts can’t be customized

2- SolidWorks

SolidWorks has pioneered 3D modeling and engineering applications. Together with Autodesk’s products, SolidWorks is one of the world’s most popular mechanical and electrical engineering standards. 

solidworks-fusion 360 alternative

Prices for SolidWorks start at $3,995 and go up to $17,914 for industrial use. There are several price levels.

Another option is to use a student discount or a free trial. SolidWorks is a program that tracks individual components in the assembly and builds components used in other assemblies. You should consider SolidWorks if you build large, multiparty systems.

Visit SolidWorks website.


  • It is more subjective when it comes to SolidWorks. 
  • The software has difficulty dealing with large assemblies/groups of assemblies.
  • It is so parametrically driven. 
  • Several tools can help mitigate this problem, including Large Assembly mode, Lightweight mode (for selecting sub-assemblies/parts), and SpeedPack. 

However, they tend to make the overall model unstable and slow to load on initial startup. 

  • It becomes a problem when working on models with others in a PDM vault.
  • Especially since everyone has a different approach to assembly management. And also design intent.
  • A set of excellent strategies for dealing with large assemblies can be found here.

3. AutoCAD

SolidWorks is the CAM godmother, and AutoCAD is the CAD godmother. Architecture, product design, and 3D modeling are widely considered to be industry standards. Those seeking employment in the industry should consider this curriculum.

Remember, AutoCAD costs $1,680 a year or $200 a month.

AutoCAD - Fusion 360 Alternative 

A free educational license is available if you have an e-mail address issued by a registered university. You can learn about other CAD tools by using AutoCAD. It is easy to use and intuitive. 

The wide range of add-ons and custom plugins available for AutoCAD. Which makes it highly adaptable for all applications. With the correct level of ability and customization, almost anything can be designed with AutoCAD.

Rendering and animation capabilities are also available in AutoCAD.

Visit AutoCAD website.

4- Solid Edge

SolidEdge-Fusion 360 alternative

Siemens designed Solid Edge, a 3D modeling and CAD program. A primary focus of the program is mechanical and electronic design. As well as cloud-based design and collaboration similar to Fusion 360. Solid Edge is one of the most expensive CAD packages on the market. It has an entry-level design and drafting package for $130/month.

Visit Solid Edge Website:


While Solid Edge looks very similar to Fusion, the UI has been confusing me so far and there aren’t any good YouTube tutorials available.

5. SolveSpace

The SolveSpace is an open-source 3D modeler with CAM integration. It was developed for Linux users. As SolveSpace looks quite old on the surface, but its user interface is easy to use and it runs very quickly. There are different versions of SolveSpace available for different platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Having a look at the characteristics of Fusion 360. SolveSpace makes a strong case for open-source alternatives. The package includes parametric 3D modelling, 2D sketches, boolean operations, and STL repair.



  • An easy to learn system
  • It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X
  • An open-source platform
  • Tutorials that are good
  • Excellent user experience


  • Constraints of a large number make the process slow
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