Best way to wash long hair

Best way to wash long hair

Best way to wash long hair
Best way to wash long hair


Every girl’s dream is to look stunning and care for it. So, they should know what the best way to wash long hair properly is for that purpose. While cleaning your long hair, you need to know some best ways. And following those steps can help make your long hair healthy and beautiful. Every girl and woman knows that taking care of long hair is very difficult. But don’t worry, below are some ways for you to wash your long hair reasonably.

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1-     Add a shower filter

Best way to wash long hair
Best way to wash long hair


You must install a shower filter for skin and hair health in the bathroom. It helps improve the pH equality of water, which you can use for cleaning and washing. The shower filter may appear a little excessive at first, but the advantages may exceed the first installation headache. So, use the shower filter properly while washing your hair.

2-     Rinse with warm water your hair first

Best way to wash long hair
Best way to wash long hair


To open the cuticle, you first need to rinse your hair with the help of warm water. Make sure your hair is entirely damp before applying conditioner and shampoo. This process makes reducing the oil, products, and dirt easier. It is necessary to properly absorb the fat in the conditioner by your long hair.

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3-     Choice good shampoo and conditioner

As we know that every hair type has its own set of characteristics and needs. If someone is using a shampoo that suits their hair, it doesn’t mean that it is also suitable for you. For this aim, you must first research and consult a hairstylist about which conditioner and shampoo are best for your hair. Take an online questionnaire about your hair based on scalp and hair type.

4-     For long hair, first use conditioner

If your hair is long, then first apply conditioner. Next, softly rinse the hair before using shampoo. This way can assist your hair in making it shine and smoother. It also keeps your hair healthy; cover any gaps in your cuticle with water.

5-     Wash your hair in the evening time

Evening time is preferable to wash long hair to air dry. Because hair is more vulnerable when damp, do not brush your long hair after washing. Directly brushing hair can cause significant damage. So, therefore maintaining your hair in the morning will increase your hair health.

6-     Shampoo hair at the correct frequency

Remember to wash your long hair too often might deplete the natural hair oils necessary for vitality and health. Girls with fine hair can shampoo virtually every day to keep it from looking oily. Once or twice, you can only shampoo curly, long, and thicker hair in a week.

7-     Massage gently

All the girls want a scalp and clean hair.Scouring it isn’t cleaning your hair yet just scratching it. The grinding from cleaning and scratching can bring about hair breakage. All things considered, go for delicate back rub strokes on your scalp while shampooing your hair. Aside from helping remove product buildup, it promotes good blood circulation and enables you to relax while in the shower.

8-     Use cold water at the end

Give your hair the last wash using cold water after you’ve finished washing it. This step may be difficult, but the advantages far exceed the difficulties. Because a closed cuticle specular reflection cold water fixes all hair problems and makes it shine.

9-     Avoid towel rubbing

When washing your long hair, press out the extra water with your hand. After that process, rub the hair dry naturally with a smooth cloth or a microfiber towel. If you use the wrong type of hand towel or forcefully try to wipe your hair can give you a false result. Like your hair becomes damaged, start hair fall and frizz.


Finally, you should understand all the procedures and steps to wash your hair correctly. Follow these ways and take good care of your beautiful long hair. These steps can help you to reduce your hair fall.


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