Different Styles Of Camping in Dubai Desert:

Camping in Dubai Desert

Dubai’s Desert is one of the most popular camping destinations within the Dubai Emirate. It offers you its beauty with all the facilities that allow you to enjoy your time like never before. The Dubai desert safari tour has blended well with glamorous lifestyles; this makes this tour an everlasting memory even though it lasts only a few hours. The following are the different styles of Desert camping to make your time more exciting.

Different Styles Of Camping

The Different means of camping vary from person to person, and people have different choices about the camping style they want to adopt during their visit to desert safari camp. Let us discuss some of them briefly to give you general information on whether these styles are good or bad for Adventure freaks:

On A Blanket

This is the first style of camping which you would see most commonly around your desert camps. This means that you take one blanket, put it on the ground & sleep over this very sheet. Sometimes pillow is also provided with this blanket to ensure that you get the utmost comfort while sleeping under the sky.

Desert safari Dubai

On The Carpet

This style of camping is also very famous among people & it is pretty beneficial too. As in this style, you sleep on a carpet that has been provided over the sand. This makes your feel more comfortable while sleeping under desert skies. Sleeping directly on sand can indeed make you feel uneasy, uncomfortable. Moreover, it becomes difficult to adjust to surroundings because the softness of sand may not be soft enough for a comfy night’s sleep.

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On A Bed

Sometimes people ask for extra facilities like where they can stay under the gorgeous sky and get enough comfort on their bedding arrangement during nighttime. Such people may prefer choosing this type of camping as here you have the facility you would surely love if comfort is your priority. Here you have to make your bed & good mattress to sleep comfortably even if you sleep late.

On Raft

This type of camping style in Dubai Desert Safari is preferred by a few people who are quite fond of water activities. This means that they put mattresses on rafts & go to the Desert for camping. They enjoy this experience thoroughly as it gives them the feeling of staying at the seaside.

Under The Stars

This style of camping is not so typical as it involves different risks. Though people who go for stargazing or sky gazing always prefer this type because they have fun & excitement of being under the stars without any disturbance from bothersome lights.

The Traditional Style:

This is not a style of camping but the traditional way of staying in Dubai’s Desert from old times. In this type, you take your bedding & go to the Desert where you set up your camp there itself. Here you have to sleep on sand which may hurt your back because of the uneven surface. Moreover, it becomes difficult for people to adjust to their surroundings because the softness of sand may not be soft enough for a comfy night’s sleep.

Palace Style Camping

This style is also known as Bedouin Luxury Style, which has become very popular among different age groups. Here you have luxurious settings & comfort provided to make your Dubai desert safari tour full of fun & excitement. You can explore the Desert in a jeep where you get all facilities to spend time with your family or friends in this style during your tour.

 Tent Style Camping

This is another type of camping that many people are fond of spending their time during the night under the sky. Here you have a traditional Arabian desert tent where you can enjoy staying with your friends or family members. You receive top-class services from the staff of Desert Safari Company who takes care of all your demands & gives you a remarkable experience.

On Camel Beds Cots

Now, this style makes you feel like a king during your camping. This means that you would get cots to sleep on, which are the Camel Beds! You can imagine how comfortable they would be during nighttime in the Desert since camels usually sleep on sand & it is soft more than anything else.

Bedouin Style Camping

Last but not least is the Bedouin Style of camping. This style of camping is widely known due to its uniqueness & exclusiveness too. However, this type requires more planning since you must get personally involved in all the associated activities.

Final Words

Camping in the Dubai Desert Safari has many styles to choose from. You can sleep under the sky or have facilities for rooftop camping. There are even options for people who love water adventures & want to stay on rafts. Price range depending upon style, comfort level & location.


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