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Are you unable to upload images to WordPress? This issue usually comes out of nowhere leaving beginners confused about the next steps to take. It will take some troubleshooting processes to understand why you can’t upload images to WordPress. Fortunately, it is easy to fix this problem.


Eye-catching images are necessary for any website, especially if it is a commercial platform. If you are running an eCommerce store on WordPress. Then it is important that images are a must to drive sales as people opt to see the product before purchasing it. The responsibility of an image on the platform makes it responsible for the maximum load on the page. So when you can’t upload images on WordPress, it poses a real threat to your WordPress site.



When you can’t upload images to WordPress, then it is because of certain changes made to your site . Your workflow can be potentially stopped and which is why this error needs to be resolved as soon as possible. The following methods when applied, can help you add back striking visuals to your website.



If you can’t upload images to WordPress only because of an issue with a single image, then you can start by looking at the name of the image file. Check for any special characters used or any accent letters as these characters can be the cause behind it.

In other cases, the image file may be too large in dimension or in file size. You can change the image size by using any editing program. You can use a compress tool to reduce the size of a high-resolution image without compromising on the image quality.

If you facing regularly encounter issues with the image file size, then the limit set on the WordPress site may be low. You can raise the limit through the site’s php.ini file.



When you are trying to upload an image. You may encounter a WordPress HTTPS error due to unusual traffic or low server resources. In such cases, it is recommended to wait for a few more minutes before uploading the image again.

If that doesn’t help, then you may have to increase the memory limit of WordPress. This can done only when you can connecting to your site over SFTP. You can also check if the problem is because of a threading issue and then make the necessary changes.



Third-party software can often meddle with regular tasks on your WordPress site, such as when you upload images. You can disable each plugin one-by-one to see if it enables you to upload the image.

If a plugin is a reason why you can’t upload images to WordPress, then make sure the plugin is update the latest version. If you are using the latest version. Then you can try contacting the plugin developer to make them aware of this error so that it can fixed in the next update.



The last but not the least option you have is to use the browser’s built-in file uploader. Although it doesn’t support multiple file selection or the drag and drop option unlike WordPress. This can still be an effective solution for when you are pressed for time and need a quick way out. After using the browser uploader once, you can try using the standard image uploader by WordPress to see if it can be used now.



If you use a caching plugin on your WordPress website, then clearing the cache might be enough to resolve the error. However, it is very rare for a cache to interrupt any image upload, so this method comes as the solution to the rarest of rare possibilities.



Visuals are crucial for any website in order to attract the reader’s/customer’s/visitor’s attention, but such wordpress http error image upload errors are frustratingly common on WordPress sites. You can get your website back on track by using the method above for when you can’t upload images on WordPress.

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