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Causes and Treatment for Back Pain

Many people take leaves just because they experience back pain. Yes, medical treatment often seems to be the only one reliable solution for back pain relief. It is one of the common yet uncomfortable conditions that you may experience as it can interfere with your daily life activities.

According to experts at top hospitals in Pakistan, there is no age limit for back pain but getting older is a risk factor to develop pain. Degenerative disk disease is also a risk factor that can put you at high risk of such pain.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

There are many reasons that can cause pain in your back. The back structure is very complex as it is composed of disks, tendons, muscles, ligaments, bones, etc.

This structure helps us to move around and also supports our bodies. Different conditions can lead to pain in your back such as poor posture, medical conditions, strain, etc.

How does strain lead to back pain?

Experts reveal the facts that strain is the leading factor of back pain. There are other causes as well, such as damaged disks, a muscle spasm, muscle tension, injuries, strained muscle, etc.

It may happen due to different conditions, such as awkward movement, lifting heavyweight, etc.

Structural problems

Studies explain that structural problems may lead to back pain. Ruptured disks, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis, abnormal curvature of the spine, kidney problems, bulging disks, etc.

Poor Body Posture

Most of the people have computer work throughout the working hours. You may experience back pain due to poor body posture. Such body positions also put you at high risk of shoulder problems.

Not only at the workplace, but you may also experience such uncomfortable conditions while doing the other activities. These activities include over-stretching, straining the neck forward, sitting for a long period, long driving sessions, pushing or lifting something, standing for a long time, sleeping on a mattress that does not support overall muscles, etc.

Some medical conditions are also causing factors that can lead to cancer of the spine, sleep disorders, shingles, infections of the spine, Cauda equina syndrome, etc.

What Risk Factors You Should Learn About?

You can develop low back pain due to the following causing factors, such as older age, poor physical fitness, genetic factors, medical conditions, a sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, occupational activities, etc.

Serious medical conditions can also be the reasons for back pain, such as cancer and arthritis.

Women are more likely to develop lower back pain than men. Some hormone changes are also responsible for lower back pain. You may also experience stress, anxiety, and mood swings which can lead to this condition.

The symptom of back pain is severe or mild pain in your back or you can notice this pain going to the legs and buttocks. Back pain can also affect your nerves and cause pain in any other affected area.

Some other conditions or symptoms along with back pain often indicate a serious condition. Make sure that you visit your doctor at the right time. The symptoms along with back pain include pain down the legs, fever, weight loss, a recent injury or trauma to the back, numbness around genitals, numbness around the buttocks, persistent pain in the back, back inflammation, etc.


It does not take too long to relieve the back pain as you can stick with home remedies if it’s not a chronic condition for you. Some people prefer natural ways for instant relief. Over-the-counter medications can help when it comes to easing the pain. Intake of such medicine can relieve the discomfort. The other way for pain relief is to go for a hot compress. Yes. It is one of the best ways to ease your pain.

Doctors say that moving around can help you a lot to ease the pain and also lead to muscle weakening.

You should not wait for long if you still experience back pain. Some medical treatment involves physical therapy, medication, traction, cognitive behavioral therapy, botox, etc.

Some other therapies like yoga, shiatsu, and chiropractic treatment are also effective for back pain relief.

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