Best Column Decoration Ideas to Decorate a Column

For a home with two or more levels, columns are essential building structures. The beams support the structure above them and transmit the weight down to the foundation. Architects often hide columns in walls, but sometimes for some types of home layouts, these columns should be placed in the middle of the room.

A column in the living room can be a bit annoying, since it can block and limit your living space. As we already mentioned, this column is crucial to the structure of the building, so you can’t remove it so as not to endanger the entire structure of the house.

Then instead of removing your boring-looking column, you can decorate it and make your living room with the column look much more interesting and attractive. You can also use it to add more flexibility to your spaces by using it for some additional functions.

5 Column Decoration Ideas

1. Cover Your Whole Pillar With Wood Material

There have been instances when people have used wood materials in their walls to make them look more attractive. Wood makes your room look luxurious and well-decorated. Covering your entire pillar with wood material gives you a natural and artistic look. 

Using wood materials in your room can give your room a more natural feel if you feel it lacks one. You can use wood boxes to wrap your pillars or use wood designs to cover the entire column. 

It is easy to best gym tights australia with wood, and you only need a creative mind to make the best changes in your room. Using wood designs to cover your pillar will help to conceal the awkward look of your room and bring some freshness and attraction to it.

2. Use Plants To Decorate Your Pillars

Another way to keep your room looking natural is with plants. Most people enjoy decorating their rooms with indoor plants. There are many ways to decorate with plants. However, in our case decorating a pillar with plants is a bit tricky, but fun. 

With plant twigs wrapped around the pillar, you can create the feeling of a holiday session. Don’t cover the entire pillar with plant twigs. Leave a little space between each roll. This is an inexpensive way to decorate pillars.

Another option is to put some beautiful plants in a pot and hang them on your pillar. The pot must be hung on four sides of a rectangular pillar. This will create a natural look in your room.

3. Using Wall Art or Wall Frame

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to decorate a living room pillar. A column can be decorated with any wall decor art or item. This will improve its appearance.

You can add wall decor items on all sides of your rectangular pillar to make it more beautiful. Don’t buy random wall art, first measure the weight of your column so that you can get a perfect piece.

You can choose from a variety of wall decor items; choose the one that fits your outfit. 

You can also use a digital frame as a wall decor item that is more convenient. You can change the picture whenever you want.

4. Cover Column with Wood Materials

Any room can benefit from wood-based elements to help balance it out. The texture will add an artistic appearance to the room, and it will also bring some freshness and a natural vibe. 

If you find that your room lacks natural elements, covering your column with wood can be a great choice as it will give your room a double impact. Second, it will cover your monotonous looks column to make it look more fresh and attractive. It will provide your room with the natural look it is lacking.

Covering your column with wood materials can be done in a variety of ways. If you plan to cover the entire column with wood or wrap some parts of it with wood, use your own creativity to find the best way that fits with your current room design style.

5- Use Wall Lamp

Lighting is an integral part of interior design that is needed to create a great interior style. A different layer of lighting can create an ambient lighting effect that will elevate any space’s look and feel.

Lighting is an integral part of interior design that is needed to create a great interior style. A different layer of lighting can create an ambient lighting effect that will elevate any space’s look and feel.

Additionally, those lamps can work as decorative items, allowing you to choose any lamp that matches the style of your entire room.

We recommend some of the best wall lamps that we used in our interior design projects for you to decorate your column:

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