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In the small town of Surprise, Arizona, residents are used to a certain way of life. But when craigslist came to town, everything changed. The website has brought a whole new level of surprise to the town, and its residents are loving it! From finding new jobs to buying and selling homes, craigslist has become a one-stop shop for all things Surprise.

In the small town of Surprise, Arizona, locals are finding big surprises on the popular website, Craigslist. From free furniture to pets, residents are taking advantage of the variety of items available from their neighbors. With a population of only 30,000, it’s no wonder that this close-knit community is using Craigslist to help each other out.

It was a hot, sunny day in Surprise, Arizona. I was looking for a new car on Craigslist, when I came across an ad for a free car. The car was a white Honda Civic. I contacted the person who posted the ad, and they told me to come and pick up the car. When I arrived at the address, I found out that the car was not really free.

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