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Does Web Hosting Affect SEO?

In the times of digitalization, all businesses and activities have become online. However, only keyword optimization and link building are not enough for a website to appear on the top of the search engine results. Here comes the question – does web hosting affect SEO? It’s a big YES! Web hosting has a significant impact on your website’s SEO. 

So, let’s learn how web hosting affects SEO and what its solutions are.

What Is Web Hosting?

Putting in simple words, web hosting is the process of uploading your website on the internet so users can access it. 

 But, the concern here is that if it doesn’t appear after them, would they be able to access your website? No. further, your bounce rate will work negatively, and that’s not a good signal for any website.

Hence, to escape this situation, you should practice good web hosting or hire professional SEO services that provide you with web hosting services. 

5 Major Web Hosting Factors That Impact SEO

Unreliable web hosting can degrade your website’s speed and security. As a consequence, your organic traffic will decrease, and the overall progress will hamper. 

So let’s learn how does web hosting affect SEO?

Page Loading Speed

The ideal page loading time for any website is 2 seconds or less. Website page loading time directly relates to the user’s activity. 

If your page takes more than 2 seconds or is slow in loading web page content, then the chances are high that the user will leave the site. 

It will have two adverse impacts on your website:  

  1. You will lose visitors, and CTA will decrease. 
  2. Most importantly, your bounce rate will increase. 

To resolve this problem, you can consider using Virtual Private Server or Cloud Hosting.

Server Downtime

Server download is the activity of your website not being active or getting down the server. If this happens frequently, you need to understand that the web hosting you have been on is unreliable. 

Further, it can downgrade your SEO performance. E.g., when a user enters a search query ideally suited for your website, but crawlers can’t find your website due to server downtime.

Find a reliable SEO services company that can upgrade your website performance.

Shared Hosting

Your cost of web hosting may reduce, but it will also hamper your website’s performance. Because on a shared web hosting, several websites are hosted, and as a result, you get a part of web hosting working for you. Not only are you compromising with hosting but wasting your time on it. 

Further, Google does not give preference to this practice as it is against its ethics. Along with that, activities like spamming increase and affect your ranking and authority badly. 

Therefore, always prefer professional SEO services that provide you with complete web hosting.


Unreliable and weak by hosting open gates for spammers and hackers. The leading cause of these activities is shared web hosting. 

You can use VPN for better protection. It hides your actual location, IP address, and filters all the signals coming from other networks to secure your website.

Tech Support

An error can appear anytime. Your website may get down from the server, or your domain is hijacked; you need instant help. Hence, it would be best if you had round-the-clock tech support that will cater to all your technical issues then and there.


We hope we have answered your question- does web hosting affect SEO? Further, if you are connected about your website web hosting or looking for professionals, feel free to communicate. And, also share with us your web hosting experience and problem. We are always ready to assist you.

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