Dos and Don’ts for Students During Thesis Writing

Thesis research papers are documents that require tons of attention to detail. You have to keep in mind the structure, the referencing, and the tone of your paper.

There should be absolutely no mistakes in your thesis research paper. If you want to progress in your professional life, then you have to start from your academic years. Make your name in your professional world by producing quality research in your

A thesis contains approximately 4000-9000 words of pure research. The structure of the thesis starts from a title page, then comes the abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, data collection, result analysis, and finally, the conclusion.

This entire document carries a lot of weight in your academic life, it gives your practice to write dissertations and journal articles, which are completely problem-solving documents that take a lot more time and energy.

In addition, a good thesis research paper will guide you to write harder professional documents.

But how do you compose a good thesis research paper? What are the essential elements that make up your thesis research paper a success?

As a student, you need a proper guide that helps you with the Dos and Don’ts because your supervisors don’t assist you as much. In this post, you will unravel the mistakes and the tips of writing a flawless thesis paper.


Do’s of a thesis

  • The thesis topic

Should be one that is original and unique. You cannot use an overused topic that no one would be interested in reading. The thesis should contribute a new perspective or a new idea to the reader’s mind.

Therefore the thesis should be a new idea for an existing study. Basically, you are presenting new data or information on the existing problem.

  • Plan ahead!

Always start your research work ahead of time, do not wait a week before your submission date to start with the research and data collection. Always start your thesis as soon as you receive your topic approval. This is to avoid any unwanted mistakes.

  • Get assistance

From your classmates, supervisor, and professionals. The more help you receive, the best your thesis will be. Therefore you require some external help that guides your writing style. Or sometimes you are struggling with a chapter. Then you can get some master thesis writing help to reduce the workload.

  • Precise and Concise

Words used while composing your thesis. From the beginning till the end, you have to use a tone that is clear and accurate. You cannot use vague sentences because the research you are presenting is important.

It requires a good amount of validation. Therefore the reader should be able to understand what you have written.

  • Proofread and editing

Should be a practice with any document. When you write an essay or an assignment, you always make sure to do a proofread check. Students even go to professionals such as best assignment help USA to get editing services.

In the same way, you need to get your thesis checked by either your classmates, your friends, or your supervisors. Always have your thesis proofread before handing it to your professors and jury panel.

  • Solid evidence

Should presented when you want your thesis to be accepted. No claim should be unsupported. You need to prove everything you are saying in your thesis. The data and the results you present will make your thesis a lot more worthy.

  • Scientific terminologies

Should use to make sure you do not sound informal or improper. To provide a glossary at the end of the thesis research paper so the reader can find the meaning of the terminologies.


Don’ts of thesis writing

·         Overused topic

 Many students prefer to have to write a thesis on a topic that worked on before so that they can easily find existing researches. Their idea is to produce a new perspective on the study or research. There is nothing wrong with this, but do not overuse an area of study.

·         Facts and not Opinions

The topic that you are enthusiastic about but not very passionate about. A thesis paper is not a personal opinion document. A thesis is a purely research-based document.

Therefore, you cannot have your personal opinion added to this paper. Therefore, you should pick a topic that makes you want to work harder but not a topic that gets you emotional.

·         Do not use improper referencing styles

Use the referencing style that your university approves. Do not use incomplete referencing.

·         Do not lengthen your thesis

For no apparent reason. If you want your jury panels to approve and pass your thesis, then you have to be a smart worker and not a hard worker.

DO not try to exceed the word limit for no reason. If the purpose of your thesis is completed, then you can finish it.

·         DO not make unattainable claims

In your thesis. The reason for this is that when you make claims that you cannot fulfill or prove, your thesis becomes less worthy.

·         Do not use personal words

That disclose your feelings and opinions. For instance, “I believe”, “in my opinion”, or “I think”.

·         DO not make general statements

Just keep things to a formal tone. Making such statements will get you in trouble.


TO write a thesis research paper, one must clear their mind. Keep the opinions and believes about the topic to themselves because you want the research to speak for itself.

You do not want to make assumptions and claims without confirming the truth.  A thesis speaks for itself when you have strong research. All you have to do is just present the truth in a good way.

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