How to do a case study?

Case Study

A case study includes an in detail study of a specific subject such as a person, group, place, event, organization, and phenomenon. Some qualitative and quantitative methods help us to do case study research. Case studies are done in social, educational, clinical, and business researches. You can easily describe, evaluate, compare and understand different aspects of a research problem with the help of case studies. Harvard case study solutions can be of great help if you are finding difficulties in your researches . Now let’s discuss some of the table contents of a case study.

When you can do a case study Education?

When you want to gain concrete and in-depth knowledge about a specific real-world subject you can do a case study because it is a perfect and appropriate research design. You can easily explore the different meanings, implications, and key characteristics of the case with its help. Doing a case study is relatively a good choice in a thesis or dissertation. When you don’t have much time to do large-scale researches, you can keep your project manageable with case studies. Many people find different problems or don’t know how to do a case study. In that case, they can take help from a professional case study writing service.

Here are some of the steps that you can follow while doing a case study.

Step 1: select a specific case 

After developing your problem statements and research questions, you should choose a specific case that you want to carry on. After that, you should provide new insights into the projects. If you want to do a good case study then you can challenge the existing assumptions and theories. To resolve a problem you can propose practical courses of action. A case study does not need a random sample like quantitative or experimental research.

Step 2: build a theoretical framework for your case study 

Now moving up to the next step, you should focus more on the concrete details than any general theories and it should also have a connection with the theory in the field. You can show the case under investigation to exemplify it. The next thing is to uncover new concepts and ideas to expand a theory. In this way, you can also challenge a theory by finding things that don’t fit with the assumptions. By conducting a literature review of your research you can develop a theoretical framework. In this, you can easily show a solid academic grounding in your case.

Step 3: collect the necessary data 

Through the different research methods, you can easily collect the data on your relevant subject. Most of the time case studies focus on the qualitative data using different methods like observation and interviews from primary and secondary resources. But a time may come when a case study will collect quantitative data.

Step 4: analyze and describe the data

To give a complete picture of your project you have to bring together all the relevant points. The type of research you are doing explains how you report your findings. Some of the case studies are in the form of a thesis or a standard scientific paper with some separate sections. Some of them are written in a narrative style. Make sure to give contextual details in all the cases.

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