Eight Reasons Why Waxing Is Important?

In our Guide To Waxing, we briefly touched on the benefits of using waxing. Waxing has many benefits and it is well worth the effort to write an entire article. Waxing is now a very popular home-beauty treatment. Many Waxing Salon in Berlin are available to wax bikinis for summer and to just enjoy the smoothness of waxing.

Why wax?

Waxing can quickly remove hair from all parts of the body. You can get waxing done in your home on the upper lip, eyebrows as well, underarms and legs, and even the bikini region.

Waxing is much more effective than shaving. You may feel tempted to use your razor again after a few days. However, waxing can be used for up to six months.

There are many types and styles of waxing

Two types of waxing are available: hot or warm. Warm waxing is applied directly on the skin with a spatula. By removing the fabric strippings, the wax can be removed from skin.

Hot waxing refers directly to applying hot wax to the skin. The wax should cool down before it sets on the skin. The wax can then easily be removed from the corner and pulled away from the skin.

Hot waxing can open pores faster than stripping, making it more suitable to sensitive areas. In most cases, hot wax is more beneficial than warm wax.

Let’s now discuss the benefits and how we can wax.

1. There is less regrowth

The best part about waxing your hair is its slow growth.

Waxing removes hairs root-to-tip. The hairs can be shaved to match the skin. Even with a close shaving, there are still some hairs that remain below the skin’s surface. This is what you should know if you’re trying to decide if waxing works better.

Waxing provides a silky, smooth look. There are no post-shower stubbles or missed areas. Even those with rapid regrowth, waxing is still possible for up to 3-4 weeks.

You’ll also discover the right frequency with your beauty therapist and will experience less regrowth.

Waxing Salon in Berlin

2. Finer regrowth

It doesn’t really matter how much regrowth you have, but what kind it will be.

As mentioned above, shaving refers to removing hair. This leads to a blunt cut. Sometimes the hair isn’t straight. Hair regrowth following shaving is often difficult.

You can remove the hair by waxing. The hair grows back with a finely tapered and regenerating end. Your skin will feel less hairy as the end isn’t as straight and fine.

As hairs fall out, it is possible to notice a drop in hair coverage.

3. Waxing could be described as exfoliation

Dead skin cells and grime may build up on your face and cause dryness and blemishes. We exfoliate in order to remove all the grime.

All of these problems can eliminated by waxing. The waxed surface will look shiny, radiant, clean, fresh, and smooth. However, this isn’t a good way to exfoliate. It is best to exfoliate at a minimum for several days before applying wax. Toxins can be applied to the skin if exfoliated for longer than 48-hours after your appointment.

4. Waxing will eliminate razor rash

Shaving rash refers skin inflammation caused due to irritation. Hot wax has the advantage of preventing shave rash from happening again. By shaving every few days, you expose your skin to friction which only increases inflammation. You can avoid this by waxing longer than one month. This gives your skin time to heal.

5. Ingrown hairs occur less often

It make shaving a nightmare. Ingrown hairs are painful and can make you look less attractive. They can even infect the skin, causing scarring.

Professional waxing specialists will ensure that your wax strips are removed in the most efficient way to minimize the chances of ingrown or broken hairs. This is a quick and easy method to get rid of unwanted hairs.

Your beautician should know if your skin is prone to ingrown. You should also exfoliate and moisturize at least two days following waxing.

6. You can get rid of itching by waxing

Itching is a common reaction after shaving. This can happen right away or after the procedure. After waxing, there will be a mild sting. It shouldn’t last long and should fade quickly.

You won’t need any razors to irritate, or worsen your skin.

7. Waxing doesn’t require more shaving

Even if your experience is twenty years old in shaving your legs the razor can still make nicks on your ankle. It’s not surprising that the razor can still nick your ankle. The razor will not work if you do not.

Professional waxing does not cause skin damage or nicks.

8. You get to pamper yourself and have some fun

Shaving is a difficult beauty task. A waxing appointment allows you to have your hair and skin done by professionals. It allows you to relax and enjoy a relaxing experience that gives your skin a healthy, beautiful glow. There is some discomfort due to the removal of wax, but the soothing warmth provided by a professional beautician is definitely relaxing.

Choose from our waxing selection to get the convenience of waxing at your home or at one our Waxing salon in Berlin.

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