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Elation EHR VS Centricity EMR: Which Software is the Best?

Elation EHR Health is a cloud-based electronic health record solution that is clinically focused and designed specifically for physicians who are searching for an ONC-ATCB certified EMR in addition to patient scheduling, a patient portal, e-prescribing, and e-faxing capabilities. Both Mac and PC users can access the solution by using their respective web browsers. GE Healthcare’s Centricity is an electronic medical record (EMR) system designed for use in larger medical facilities.

Centricity combines clinical and financial management and is designed to be utilized on tablets and mobile devices. This makes it possible for medical professionals and practice employees to carry a patient’s medical information and update it while they are on the move. Centricity was developed by GE Healthcare with the intention of allowing for seamless integration with a diverse array of medical equipment and imaging systems.

Stay on board with us to learn more about the features, pricing and reviews of both software.

Elation Health and its characteristics:

Elation EHR Health is an electronic health record solution that is cloud-based and clinically focused. It is designed for physicians who are searching for an ONC-ATCB certified EMR in addition to patient scheduling, a patient portal, e-prescribing, and e-faxing capabilities. Both Mac and PC users can access the solution by using their respective web browsers. Elation Health is ideally suited for practitioners who are focused on primary care practices serving small groups of patients and who provide longitudinal care.

The comprehensive perspective of the patient’s medical history that is provided by Elation’s three-pane view of the health record is beneficial to both the patient and the physician. Chronic issues can be easily included into evaluations and SOAP notes, and they can be discussed in real time with the patient during the course of the session.

Elation EMR Key Features:


Use digital records to facilitate quick problem identification. To arrive at an accurate diagnosis prediction, make use of health analytics and customized reporting dashboards. Automate the processes of documenting patients in order to give physicians and patients error-free and up-to-date patient record files at all hours of the day and night.

Security of Information:

Enable security measures such as passwords, PIN codes, three-step verification, and dual authentication to limit the access that third parties have to sensitive information. By encrypting records, you can reduce the risks of theft, data tampering, and misplacement. Direct access can then only be granted to users who have been authorized.

Appointment Management:

To prevent patients and doctors from missing their scheduled medical appointments, an automated reminder system can be used to communicate this information to both parties. Sending guests individualized reminder mails will help ensure that they will arrive on time. Utilizing a bespoke control panel, you may manage appointments that have been missed, canceled, rescheduled, or are unavoidably urgent.

Elation EHR Pricing:

A price model that is based on a subscription is available for the program. The Direct Care model is the first option, and it has a starting price of $349 per month. The second choice is to get insurance, which may be done for a monthly rate that starts at $399. The final choice, which is also known as the Enterprise plan, is one that can be modified as needed.

Elation EHR Demo:

A free demo is available on the website of the software which users can schedule according to their own convenience.

Elation EHR Reviews:

Elation EHR has a reasonably strong integration (connection) with Hint Health, Spruce, and MDScripts, as well as Quest Labs. It is quite intuitive. E-prescribing is by far the most utilized and greatest feature available. Charting makes sense. The reverse chronological chart notes are the most accurate representation of paper charts. The patient summary section is a great assistance. Patient engagement software that relays lab data in an easy-to-understand manner is intuitive.

Centricity EMR Software:

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) module known as Centricity EMR was developed specifically for use in medical facilities; it enables the collection and storing of patients’ and facilities’ medical history records. Additionally, the system enables the dissemination of records to a variety of interested parties. The Centricity Electronic Medical Record software can operate independently as a stand-alone program or as an integrated component of an existing practice management solution for an organization.

 This enables for improved scalability of the system because it can more easily integrate itself into the day-to-day activities of the clinic or hospital. The Centricity EMR comes with a number of features that are designed to assist medical facilities in simplifying their patient management processes, enhancing the quality of care they offer, and reducing the amount of money they spend overall.

Centricity EMR Key Features:

Patient Management:

Reduces the amount of time needed to complete tasks such as opening office visits, allowing for increased opportunities for direct connection with patients. Through the patient portal, a patient can check the results of their lab work, access their medical history, and take control of their medicine.


In order to boost productivity, physicians can now document more quickly while also beginning with individualized workflows. The staff will then be able to move their attention to more complex challenges, such as improving the overall quality of the care that is offered.

Health Analytics:

Assists in the recognition of patient patterns and provides health organizations with a notion of how well they perform in comparison to other practices. These analytics also encompass population health, which works to enhance the overall health of a large group of people.

Centricity EMR Pricing:

Centricity does not offer pricing options but the vendor can be contacted by users who wish to find out.

Centricity EMR Demo:

Demos are helpful when one wants to know how a certain software operates. Centricity EMR also offers a free demo that can be scheduled whenever one wants.

Centricity EMR Reviews:

The Centricity EMR software has the ability to revolutionize your medical practice’s operations. It enables you to manage multiple aspects of your profession. The Centricity EMR software can aid with the management of medical records and revenue cycle management.


The information above will help users to learn about both software.

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