Evolution of Watches

Watches are one of the most important accessories. It is both functional as well as a style statement. They help to keep a track of our time and without them, we probably would be at loss for everything!

Watches were first developed in the 16th century in Germany, centuries later when the measurement of time began. The first set of these functional devices was worn as pendants and the time accuracy was far from right.

It wasn’t later that the addition of balance spring helped a great lot to achieve the accuracy in watches. The concept of harmonic oscillation helped developers to design time-accurate watches.

Believe it or not, watches weren’t a commonly used thing back in the early days. Till the 17th century when Seiko started mass-producing Quartz cheap branded watches, it hit the global market.

Only a few companies used to make watches and most of them were expensive. Today, the market is filled with cheap alarm clocks, cheap branded watches for men and women, smartwatches, cheap wall clocks and whatnot. It’s super easy for people to keep track of time and set time.

At, present watches represent not only a functional symbol but also a social status of a person. People love to show off their designer watches with numerous complications in them. Limited edition watches hit the market every year with newer designs and better technology.

Companies like Give and Take, have made watches accessible to people at their homes. There are so many different styles, colours, designs to go for. For instance, someone with a sporty personality can go for a sports watch. Someone with a corporate job needs a classic dress watch. It matters from person to person.

As mentioned above watches help to keep track of the time and day. With this, you create an invaluable quality for yourself.

We often forget how much time we need to complete a task. A watch helps as a constant reminder for all the tasks one need to complete in a day.

Although with mobile phones and other electronics, keeping track of time is possible without a watch, that is hardly convenient.

For instance, in a meeting where you cannot check your phone constantly, a wristwatch is the device you would keep the track of time.

Again, while sleeping, you cannot wake up after every few hours to check your waking time, right?

People who do that have sleep deprivation issues. For that, you at least need a cheap alarm clock that will notify you of the time you need to wake up from bed.

Watches are functional and convenient. Having a good sense of time management increases the quality of life. It also changes the outlook of life for many people by helping to understand the value of time. This is why watches are so important to have in our daily life.

Watches however have a long and interesting history. The way it has evolved is quite fascinating. If you really want to know, scroll down below and read the infographic!

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