Facts About The Evolution of Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits are the most revered ethnic wear for a reason. A renowned courtesan of the Mughal Empire, Anarkali, introduced this attire to the world. Gradually, the outfit evolved, and both mid-length and floor-length Anarkali became immensely popular. Today, these salwar suits are the most preferred dresses that accentuate a woman’s appeal. Legends opine that Anarkali bedazzled everyone, especially Prince Salim. Her love for the prince remains immortal, and that marks the beginning of an era of Anarkali suits and dresses.

Over the years, the legendary Bollywood actor Madhubala wore Anarkali suits both onscreen and off-screen. As a result, these ensembles became a favourites choice for women.

The Soaring Popularity of Anarkali Dress

Anarkali literally translates to “pomegranate blossom.” Historically, the bright red colour of the fruit was much appreciated by the Mughals. With fancy designs, embroidery, and silhouette, it only became a prominent part of Indian heritage. Beautiful designs and enigmatic artwork defining the Mughal Period are the eternal part of the attire, which makes them apt for weddings and parties.

The Evolution of Floor-Length Anarkali

Anarkali was historically projected as the Mujra dress, an outfit worn for dance performances at the Royal Mughal Court. The long and flowing dresses, also called floor-length suits, were the only choice for courtesans. The attire was also famous because the memory of the great dancer, Anarkali, lingered. However, in the contemporary world, the Anarkali suits are priceless ethnic wear for festivals, parties, and weddings.

Since Anarkali suits are the first choice for wedding ceremonies, religious events, and festivals, they soon gained popularity to become the most frequently adorned ensemble. The beads, stones, thread, sequins, and zari work interweave beautifully to bring out the best in a woman. The vivid colours, designs, patterns, and fabric, add to the dimensions of the apparel.

The Evaluation of Contemporary Anarkali Suits

The latest Anarkali dresses today are the contemporary iterations of the classic dresses that the Mughal courtesans wore. The three-piece ensemble is comprise-d of a flowing kameez or top, a slim-lined churidar or bottom, and a matching dupatta. Today, modern Anarkali dresses are available in different lengths. As trends evolved, designers introduced different types of suits in elegant patterns and styles. There is always something for everyone.

Anarkali Styles Trending Today

With the ever-growing range of Anarkali suit designs, it is one of the most desired choices of traditional women’s attire for all age groups. Some of the most loved styles include:

  • Anarkali Lehenga Suits: The regal dressing worn under flared kameez in place of trousers or salwar influenced Lehenga style Anarkali. Wedding anarkalis belong to this category.
  • Overcoat Anarkali Suits: A richly embroidered body-hugging coat with a deep neck cut worn on top of the kameez continued to be a trend for a long time. Back then, the Mughals also introduced Anarkali salwar suits in ethnic wear. The overcoat style added sophistication to the attire.
  • Jacket Anarkali Suits: Over the years, jacket styles in Anarkali suits have evolved remarkably. The embellished jackets added elegance and sophistication to the style. Jacket colours range from elegant silver to hues of gold or any other colours of choice.
  • Silk Anarkali Dresses: The Mughals loved silk anarkalis. The surreal silhouette of this fabric lends a royal touch to the outfit. These dresses have evolved as the most versatile garb for Indian women. In conclusion, You can wear it to any occasion and look culturally rich.

Should You Buy Anarkali Suits Online?

For instance, Like A Diva has a stellar catalogue of some of the most exquisite Anarkali suits in the online store. Since these gorgeous suits are made to measure, you can pick your choicest suit and place the order. Hassle-free process and speedy delivery mark an extraordinary experience.

Here are Some More Reasons to Shop Online:
  • More Design and Pattern Choices: Similarly, When you shop online, you are expose-d to the world of the latest designs and styles. Captivating variety and styles can keep you lured for hours. You can choose any traditional design or a contemporary style from the catalogue.
  • Choose By Fabric: Therefore, Anarkali suits are made from a wide range of fabrics including silk, georgette, viscose, net, lace, and chiffon. Embroidery work like applique, Bagh, Phool Patti, Soofm Chinkankari, Ahir, Gota, Kashmiri Kashida, Badla, Kathiwari, Kantha Stitch, and Kutchhi patchwork are equally famous.
  • Choice of Colours: Similarly, Online shoppers are spoilt for choice, as there are plenty of options in colours. From soothing white to pastels and gorgeous gold to traditional maroon, red, pink, and green, the choice is yours.
  • Made to Measure Suit Length: Sometimes, you can go wrong with the choice of length of the suit. However, when you buy online, the size chart is the best tool to help you choose.

Final Word

In conclusion, Swirl in these comfortable, breezy, and flowy outfits. Full-length Anarkali salwar kameez is the best suited for every special occasion.

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