Famous Celebrities That You Should Know About

Famous Celebrities

Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber grab the headlines of every ongoing news and gossip? Though they are similar, they are more popular because of their incredible work. Several residing celebrities have maintained their name in the top and trending stories in the last two or three years. 

Some people spend almost their entire life to become famous, while some are born famous as a celebrity kid or any relative to the celebrity. Today, we will talk about those celebrities who have managed to keep themselves and their families in the 2021 news. 

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an American footballer who has played quarterback for the England Patriots of the NFL. He is a famous sportsperson and has won several matches. Moreover, Brady has managed to be in the headlines due to the increasing popularity of his son, john edward thomas moynahan

John is just like his father, Brady, more enthusiastic and dedicated in his sports career than his mother, Bridget Moynahan. Brady’s son loves sports and is as hardworking as his father. Tom Brady has also gained a lot of followers and is a proud father. 

Robert Downey Jr

He is a prominent personality of the Hollywood world and is the highest paying actor. He known for acting in blockbuster movies like Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man, and many more. Growing up in New York City, he was very extroverted from childhood and pursued his dream as a child artist. He remained in a drug abuse controversy for a long time, and later, almost five years ago, his life changed a lot. He is referred to as one of the best Hollywood actors in the A list category. 

Rob Lowe

He is an American actor, director as well as producer. At the age of 15, he started his career in acting and played various roles in the 1980s movies. By impressing the audience with his amazing roles, he became the most prominent actor of all time. His famous movies are The Outsider, Oxford Blues, Square Dance, etc. Rob Lowe married the remarkable make-up artist sheryl berkoff, who he met on a blind date. As a supporting role of Tommy’s Stepbrother, Rob Lowe played an extraordinary role but was not appreciate.  

Shahrukh Khan 

A famous superstar of Bollywood, a production star, or a popular television personality, Shahrukh Khan has always been the King Of Bollywood. He has awarded many prestigious awards like Padma Shri and is still a significant identity across Asia and worldwide. Though Shahrukh Khan appeared in headlines every year due to his amazing acting, in 2021, he was caught in the controversy of his Son Aryan Khan for drugs. His blockbuster movies are Deewana, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Chak De! India, etc. 

Heidi Klum 

Heidi Klum is an American model, host, businesswoman, and producer. She was the first German model, who won the Victoria’s Secret Angel Title. She has been a successful model and is an occasional actress. It is estimated that her net worth is $20 million per year. Later, she became an American citizen and eventually got married to Seal. She has been in the news because of her third son johan riley fyodor taiwo samuel. He is said to be the cutest child on the internet. Klum got separated from Seal, and presently her spouse is Tom Kaulitz.


Discovering such personalities is interesting, and there are almost 100 influential personalities who are ruling the world. So these were the top A-list celebrities, whom everyone should know. To learn more amazing secrets of these celebrities, stay tuned.

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