Football Betting in Different countries in the world

The thing that moved me the most was the focus on minor sports. Furthermore, it was invested in trying to create a system that returns to athletes who are working hard, not the existing system that only the management side makes a profit. That’s why I wanted to do it. Surprisingly, no one has ever tried to do this, so I’m more supportive as an athlete than as an investor. “

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The country where you earn and the country where you work can be different. How difficult is it to get a license in the UK, which is known as the home of sports betting?

We are the first Japanese to acquire it, and there are almost no cases of Asians. There are more than 200 companies in the UK market, and the size of the market is about the Japanese pachinko market.

In the case of Japan, pachinko has a police agency, and in public competitions, each has its own supervisory authority. The UK market, on the other hand, is the Premier League. It’s a license issued by the country. There is a betting culture in the country where sports แทงบอล 168 (Football betting 168) originated.

In the license examination, there is a total check from the financial base to the management team. The license rules changed in 2014, raising the bar for acquisition. Our strength is that we have cleared the very high hurdles. How to use it is for society.

–There are already more than 200 companies in the UK, including major bookmakers such as William Hill and Ladbrokes. How do you win the competition?

I think this industry will be packed with 7 or 8 moves. In that sense, we give back to athletes what the people in the industry are making money.

All of the 7th and 8th moves are the first in the industry, but the first move is a subscription type, and we do not charge a body fee. It is said that the body fee is the best, but we have no intention of making money where the major companies are making money. I think many people agree with the crowd funding support method. On the other hand, I think that some people dislike the word betting, but does it mean that your company is different from other companies because it does not charge a

On the other hand, in terms of the existing bias, since there is a stadium in that area, ticket income and goods income will be generated in that area. If you pursue that kind of thing, what really remains (in sports) is the story of the athlete and the story of the creator. We are seeing that there is an accompanying bet.

People in the UK and abroad are very rational, and betting is accepted as a culture. Japan doesn’t seem to have (culture). It’s just a sullen Japanese personality, and everyone likes pachinko and public competitions. Even with this crypto currency uproar, everyone (betting) likes it. I like it, but I don’t say it. That’s the difference. In terms of human fundamental desires, everyone in the world likes it.

However, if there is no cause there, it tends to be just a right to make money, or to run for immediate money, but we are not so, and when we see the road plan in the future, we will give back to the creators from now on. You can make wonderful things by doing. That is an important part for me.

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