Get Custom Hair Extension Boxes At Wholesale Rates Available In The USA?

Custom Hair Extension Boxes

Custom Hair Extension Boxes are the most amazing packaging for the most amazing product in it. Most of the US markets deal in these products and here in the article, we will discuss the mostly questions asked by the customers so that they can buy a product with any ambiguity at wholesale price.

The minimum order quantity should be five cartons for customizing the package. As a leading company in the market, we have unlocked a tremendous capability that ensures a quick production turnaround and helps us meet our clients’ needs with a highly dependable delivery schedule.

How much does it cost to produce one carton?

We are providing Custom Hair Extension Boxes as per the client’s specifications. This service is free for promotional orders. The actual price of 1 carton will be different as per size as well as quantity. It will be different from 50 to 100$.

The highest quantity for one carton is 20,000pcs which cost only 35$. We also offer the price by cutting down the amount as per your order need.

How can I pay?

You can either pay us through TT or Directly Cash in Advance (CID).

What are Hair Extension Cartons made of?

For production, we use Card Board, Paper, and Polyethylene terephthalate resins(PET) -based products that are sturdy enough to protect all types of hair extensions during transportation.

What design and color should I choose for my boxes?

There is no fixed design or color for the box. We provide custom printed boxes according to your need. You can send us all details about boxes like size, material, etc. We will replicate the same as per your exact requirement.

Is there any chance to know how much it costs to produce five cartons?

The price for one piece is $1. We will charge extra for logo and designing charges which costs an additional $0.28 per box.

We will offer wholesale rates for large-scale orders because it costs more money if we use individual packages. So that’s why we provide discounts for buying in bulk, Also if you order larger quantities, then less price comes under your budget.

Which company is best for supplying hair extension boxes?

HairShopper is the best company for providing hair extension boxes at wholesale prices. We will offer you high-quality products at the lowest prices.

Quality and delivery time of your products?

 Our quality is excellent, and we promise 100% satisfaction with our Custom Hair Extension Boxes and other products. You can get quality checked one piece before placing an order of 5 cartons. 

Types of hair extension boxes in the US?

Hair boxes are available in both square and rectangle shapes. These types of packages may vary, but the most common sizes for square containers are 7x7x2 inches or 6x6x3 inches. For rectangle hair extension boxes, the standard length is 9 x 3 x 2 inches.

What are the dimensions of the hair extension box?

Custom Hair Extension Boxes’ dimensions depend on the type of hair extensions you want to display in your packaging. The most popular sizes are 6″X6″ X3″ for synthetic hair extension packaging and 8.5″X8.5″ X2″(for European Remy) or 9″ X 3 ” X 2”. Article end.

Why do so many of the world’s most attractive ladies want to use them? is the appropriate solution for you if you’re looking for a nice box or something special to house your new hair extensions. You may choose from hundreds of colors and styles at affordable costs

Let’s begin with the first query. Both men and women like the aesthetic appeal of custom hair extension boxes. Men can’t seem to get enough of a woman with a bespoke Hair extension since it appears so special and different.

Many online hair extension businesses will not ship your order until you purchase one of their sub-par hair extension boxes. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to adore or appreciate a brand that stands out from the crowd.

Is it better to pack hair products in bespoke boxes?

When you combine this with a variety of color options and the possibility to create your own version from scratch using our free online designer tool, it’s easy to see why these hair extension boxes are popular among those looking to differentiate their product from the competition.

Yes, packing in customized boxes is more helpful. When constructing their character, customers should consider the importance of these items.
They look so good that they’ll make anyone wish they were wealthy so they could purchase them all, but since that’s not possible (yet), we recommend only buying one box per person.



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