Gland packing: Should you choose for Industrial Use?

We examine the reasons why gland packing solutions are crucial. Also, examine the advantages and disadvantages. Two major types of sealing mechanical seals as well as gland packing glands. This will help you determine the best option for your needs.

Before we begin the discussion, let’s first examine the reasons why seals are essential. It ensures that pumping operations run smoothly. The primary function of seals for pumps is to stop the loss of fluid. Pump sealing permits the shaft to rotate to get to the wet part of the pump. Also, it stops the pressurized fluid inside the pump from escaping.

To accomplish this it is necessary to use two main types of sealing popular with engineers:

Mechanical seals as well as gland packing

Each type of seal has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Now, it’s up to users to decide which option is most suitable for their particular needs.

To get the most effective result and efficiency from a seal solution. As it is essential to make sure that it is installed correctly. Also. make sure proper maintenance is carried out and the surrounding area around it is clean.

Let’s examine mechanical seals and gland packing in greater detail, and examine the way they function in conjunction. Also, the differences between them, and the pros as well as cons for each.

Reasons for Choosing Gland packing

Gland packing is the most common sealing method used in various industries because of its low-cost upfront and its flexibility. Gland packing is an elastic rope-like material that is stuffed within the shafts of pumps. It fills in the gap between and stops fluid loss the shaft.

It is frequently of choice for slurry pumps in situations such as mining or processing. Also it is applicable where huge equipment sizes and large shaft movements and aggressive liquids are often. As mechanical seals the less economically viable option.

Gland packing comes with numerous benefits 

What makes it a great option for specific applications. For one, it provides an affordable upfront cost and is easier to install than mechanical seals. Since it doesn’t require the separation of the drive shaft, resulting in faster turnaround time.

It is important to be aware that the degradation of gland packing is more quickly than mechanical seals. Due to wear and tear of shafts that wears it down over time. Consequently, it’s going to need to be replaced earlier. However, with advances in the field of technology and design, like new materials, innovative braiding technologies and modern fluids. The newer choices currently available are more durable and extend the lifespan of your seal.

While there are many advantages for using gland packing as a seal but there are negatives to take into account. One of the most important things to consider is that the use of glands isn’t the ideal choice for applications. For example, involving abrasive fluids, or that require hazardous liquids to be protected by full leakage protection.

Final Words

Gland packing is more prone to wear as other types of seals. Therefore, it’s important to have sufficient personnel available to keep it maintained, change and replace it when required. In addition, the packing of the gland requires a significant quantity of power to run. It can increase the power consumption in time, and possibly reduce the initial cost of installation.

Talking about your unique pumping needs and requirements with a reliable seal provider is the best way to figure out the type of seal that is best suited to your pump and is most economical over the long run.


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