Why Are Entrepreneurs First Choice Gojek Clone for Multi-Service Business in Indonesia

What do most Young and Adult Entrepreneurs want? Surely they don’t want to Trade in years and years of their Lives to earn just Few bundles of Hard Cash! What they really want is to Earn Easy and Quick Money, Expand their Business at Multiple Locations and become Successful! And to get all this they need only One Thing – an On-Demand Multi Services Gojek Clone App!


This App offers Multiple Services from various Genres! Typically 70+ On-Demand Services that includes:

  • Online Taxi/Moto Ride Booking
  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Medicine Delivery
  • Wine-Alcohol Delivery
  • Car-Wash
  • Doctors
  • Masseuse

The App acts as a Digital Platform, where the App Users can get all these Services/Products delivered right at their Doorstep whenever they want. They can also get all these Delivered to someone else’s Door as well!

Well, that’s what the On-Demand Multi-Service App means, but why is this App Today’s Entrepreneur’s First Choice? Because it is highly capable of making you a Millionaire! How?

Gojek Clone App has Two Business Models. Each of them is meant to increase the inflow of Profits for the App Owner! Have a look at both of them:


Under this System, the Service Provider has to pay COMMISSION to the App Owner per Service that they render through the App. For example, a Food Delivery Driver has to pay a 10% Commission Rate on every Delivery Ride they Accept and Complete! On the other hand, a Beautician has to pay a 12% Commission on every Facial and Skin Treatment that they offer.

Thus, the Commission Rate for every Service Genre on an App like Gojek is different. Since the App Owner Exclusively Decides the Commission Rates, they can keep different Rates to Generate more Profit from High-In Demand Services in Indonesia!

How do the App Owners Collect Commission?

For a Cash Transaction between the App User and the Service Provider

The Service Provider Pays the Commission by Transferring the amount direct to the App Owner’s Bank Account!

For an Online Transaction

If the App User pays online for the Service via their Bank Card or In-App Wallet, the total amount goes directly to the App Owner. Then, the App Owner deducts the Commission Amount from it and transfers it to the Service Provider’s Bank Account or In-App Wallet.

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans are as simple as they sound. These are the One-Time-Payments that the Service Provider needs to pay to the App Owner to start getting Job Requests. The App Owner of Gojek Clone designs the Subscription Plans carefully depending on the Time Duration of the Plan, Price, and the Features that they want to offer! The most commonly offered Plans are – Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Annual. For example, the App Owner can set the price of the Monthly Plan at US$199 and that of the Quarterly Plan at US$599!

Since these Plans have a predefined Time Duration, the Provider needs to Renew them before they Expire. Therefore, to remind the Service Provider about Renewing the Plan, the App Owner starts sending Messages via In-App Push Notifications! This way, the Provider can Renew or Upgrade their Subscription Plans before they tend to Expire!


Have you always aspired to be a Successful Entrepreneur in Indonesia? If yes, then get your Gojek Clone now!

To Launch your very own App, get in touch with a Licensed White-Labeling Firm. Firms having a Decade’s Industrial Experience in Launching such Pre-Built, Mature, Market-Tested, and Fully-Functional Apps on an Everyday Basis!

Grab your Phone, and call their Sales Representative or visit their Official Website to know more!

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