Gojek Clone Nigeria: Smart and Advanced Level Features App Solution

Given the Ever-Changing market needs, Gojek Clone App has introduced its Latest Version KINGX 2022. Yes! People have adjusted their lifestyles to live with the current reality of the Apocalyptic Pandemic that has paralyzed the Global Financial Economy with Millions of people already succumbing to it. It was witnessed that people across Continents jump to the Digital Platforms for availing numerous Value-Added Services. The Latest Version of this User-Friendly App is thus made to satiate the Evolving Needs of the App Users in Nigeria.

This New App Edition is pack with Two Major Advance Features that has beefed up the Confidence of the Service Providers by introducing new streams of revenue for each of them! Thereby shielding from the wrath of this Highly-Contagious Covid-19 Virus. These Ground-breaking and Progressive Features are Service Bidding and Online Video Consultation. Let’s dive into their details –

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Jonny Brown is all set to revamp his Office this New Year. And with the KINGX 2022, he’s at ease getting the Most-Eligible and Budgeted Painters to his rescue. He takes his iPhone and opens the Freshly Produced App Edition using the Face ID. He adds the following details to post his Job Requirements –

  • Name                         :                       Jonny Brown
  • Mobile Number           :                       1-800-985-1542
  • Email ID                      :                       [email protected]
  • Job Type                        :                       Office Painting
  • Area (Sq. Feet) :                       15,888 SF
  • Location                        :                       Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis
  • Budget                         :                       US $1000
  • Date of Job                          :                       10th January, 2022
  • Time of Job                         :                       10 AM GMT-5

In an hour of posting the Job requirements, he receives an In-App Push Notification that Gabriel Smith is ready to do the Job at $1200; Thomas Martin is charging US $1500 while Ryan Clark is bidding at US $1300. Despite the Gabriel’ Bid being the lowest of all.  Jonny chooses Ryan Clark instead because of his 5-Star Ratings and Impressive Portfolio!


KINGX 2022 specific Online Video Consultation is a boon for all living a Frenzied Lifestyle! Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the New Year Resolutions of Camila Miller. She opens this Master App and opts to book the Services of Natalie White, Fitness Trainer at Grit Fitness for Diet Consultation. She has got 5-Star Ratings and an Awe-Inspiring Image Gallery with Videos of Body Weight Training, Single-Leg Deadlifts, Standing Overhead Dumbbell Presses, Snack and Meal Ideas, Handling Cravings, Plant-Based Nutrition, and Healthy Lifestyle Tips.

Proceeding further, using the Schedule Later option, she selects 6th Jan 2022, 12 PM GMT-5 as the Consultation Time Slot.  Within a few minutes of making the booking, she receives an In-App Notification that Natalie White has accepted the Video Consultation Request. After the Video Consultation, which went on for 45 minutes an amount of US $200 gets automatically deducted from her Pre-Saved Credit Card.

So, does this not sum up to a Great Online Service Experience for the User? And if it’s so, then surely it is Profitable for the App Owners and the Service Providers also.  As they could Gain the Loyalty of a Wide Customer Base.


The Latest Version of the Powerful Gojek Clone AppKINGX 2022 lets you Leverage its Trailblazing Features thereby aiding in Business Growth in Nigeria. Do you want to be a Big Name in this Multi-Billion Dollar Industry? Have that Entrepreneurial Gene in you? Do you want to earn Easy and Quick Money? Well, then it’s the right time of the year that you get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute!!

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