Home Renovation (Illinois Edition): Which Iron Doors Should I Choose?

According to many realtors, changing an entry door is the easiest way to upgrade a property’s value. Therefore, during home renovation projects, homeowners are on the lookout for iron doors that can help them achieve this goal. Further, changing doors within the house can also go a long way to uplift the home’s aesthetics and overall feel.

Quick, impactful, and impressive, installing iron doors in your Illinois home is a good way to ensure that your renovation is impactful. But which iron doors are right for your Illinois home? Here are a few designs and ideas for inspiration. Also check: pictures buy buy sell


Why Choose Iron Doors?

The first thing to ask yourself is why you’re choosing iron doors when there are so many other doors available in the market. The answer is that iron doors have many benefits and look absolutely stunning! Here are some reasons why you should choose iron doors:


Whether you want to renovate your home and establish a modern aesthetic, or you want to complement the traditional architecture, iron doors can do just that. Extremely versatile and good to go with any home style, iron doors have a wide variety of designs and customization.

A living room with an iron door

Image title: Iron doors

Alt-Text: A living room with an iron door


Due to its low carbon amount, wrought iron is ideal for bending and shaping. This means that you’re free to customize wrought iron doors in Illinois homes as per your needs. Sizes, designs, detailing, and door style can all be customized with iron doors.

Aesthetically Appealing

One of the main reasons to choose iron doors for your home’s interior and exterior is that iron doors are visually appealing. They can transform your home’s aesthetic appeal in an instant! And that’s undoubtedly something you want from your home renovation.

Easy to Clean

Iron doors have a relatively easier cleaning in comparison to wooden doors. All you need is a cleaning spray or water with a sponge, and your iron door can be conveniently cleaned. Periodic cleaning of iron doors will keep them looking good longer.

Good for Every Room

When you’re renovating a home, you can’t prefer one room over the other. In order to get your desired outcome, you need iron doors in all rooms. Fortunately, iron doors can be easily customized to fit in all rooms and give a great finishing look!

Entry Iron Doors

Iron doors at the home’s entrance are appealing, functional, and increase the curb appeal too! There are many entry iron door styles that you can choose for your Illinois home.

Kitchen and patio iron door

Image title: Kitchen and patio iron door

Alt-Text: A kitchen leading into patio with bi-fold iron door

Kitchen Iron Doors

Iron doors in Dutch style are great for kitchens. You can create a vintage ambiance in your home as you install a Dutch iron door in your kitchen.

Wine Cellar Iron Doors

As more and more homeowners adopt a modern home style, wine cellars have become increasingly popular. To complement the interior design, minimalist and stylish iron doors are great for wine cellars.

Patio Iron Doors

Patio doors with glass panels are now a major part of home interiors. Homeowners looking to maximize natural light in the house can do so with sophisticated patio iron doors.

Which Iron Door to Choose?

As a homeowner in Illinois, you have a wide variety of iron door styles to choose from. Here are some of the popular iron doors in Illinois.

French Iron Doors

Double-panel French iron doors are great for entry doors, patio doors, and master bedroom doors. They can be adorned with intricate decorative elements to reflect your refined taste. Or you can opt for sleek and modern French iron doors too!

Dutch Iron Doors

Ideal for kitchens or entry doors in Illinois, Dutch iron doors are making a comeback in modern architecture. Giving a countryside feel, rustic and functional, Dutch-style iron doors can be chosen for small-sized homes.

Dutch iron door opening into a patio

Image title: Dutch iron door

Alt-Text: Dutch iron door opening into a patio

Sliding Iron Doors

If you want to let in natural light inside your home, opt for sliding iron doors for your patio. Stylish, modern, and visually stunning, sliding doors have many benefits for modern homes.

Pocket Iron Doors

If you want to install an iron door in Illinois for a small-sized home, consider pocket iron doors. Pocket iron doors are space-efficient, functional, and can act as dividers in modern studio apartments.

Best Iron Doors in Illinois

Have you taken up a home renovation project in Illinois and want the right iron doors for your home? Get in touch with Pinky’s Iron Doors right away! Pinky’s Iron Doors has a wide variety of custom-made iron doors and steel doors in Illinois to choose from.

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