How Can You Make More Advantageous Jewelry Packaging Using Kraft Material?

Packaging Using Kraft Material?

Jewelry packaging is a vital element in a jewelry store. Not only does it help to pull customers’ attention, but it also protects the product from damage and dirt. In addition, it can attract more potential customers to enter your shop if you have an attractive design for your jewelry packaging, which will bring you extra profit. Therefore, how can you make more advantageous custom printed kraft boxes using Kraft material for this purpose?

First way: Make Your Mark on the Jewelry Packaging Using Printable Kraft Paper

One of the most common ways to make the jewelry stand out is by printing photos or images of them on printable Kraft paper and sticking them in between clear plastic sheets to look like real jewels in display boxes. You can also print some words on Kraft paper with a laser printer to attract customers.

Secondly: Make Your Cheap but Delicate Custom Jewelry Stand Out by Using Kraft Paper Bags

When you want your jewelry to stand out, you can use red or pink bags for packaging and printing. If you have different types of jewelry sets but they are almost the same, you can make them look different by printing some pictures or pictures on them. This will help remind people that these are not the same price.

Thirdly: Add Some Bling to The Jewelry Packaging Using Shiny Glitter Kraft Paper Bags

In general, when you want to add a luxury touch to your jewelry packaging, you can use the same color of glitter Kraft paper bags or printed ones. These bags can make your jewels look shinier and more attractive. Although some jewelers prefer printing their company logos on the bag with exclusive colors to represent their brand image, I think they need not do so because most customers will not carry these packages home. The pieces of colorful and luxurious-looking Kraft paper bags just attract people’s eyes easily from a distance. However, if you have something important to print on them, such as price lists or QR codes for later checking via smartphones or tablets, this is okay too. In this case, do not forget to write the words “gift bag” on them.

Fourth: Make Unique and Alluring Box Designs

In my opinion, the box of a product is more important than its package. If someone wants to buy something from a shop, but they are not sure what is inside the box, then this person will be sad. The vendor will also be sad because it might happen that this customer buys something in the future if he or she has a need for it.

Boxes can increase sales too. What I mean is that after seeing a nice package of items, people cannot help checking if these items are enough for them. If an item seems to be good for someone, they want to know how much the item costs and where they can find it. In fact, the exterior design of the boxes has a significant effect on stimulating customers’ desire to buy too. This is particularly true when we purchase goods by mail order.

If you want to sell more items, make sure that your packaging is attractive. It will be easier for people to buy something if you have an attractive package.

Fifth: Add Extra Fillers to Protect Your Products During Shipping

It is important to send your goods out as soon as possible. Pack them carefully with extra filler so that they will not break during shipping. Goods that need to be used right away, such as food and drinks, should also be packed tightly with a lot of filler.

Sixth: Use Well-known & Reputable Carriers

Different carriers have different standards in terms of package building. Well-known and reputable ones will offer high-quality services at all times. They are the best for businesses that sell items to people from many different countries because customers want to buy from people who offer them the best service.

Seventh: Ensure Safety & Efficiency

No matter how careful you are with the packaging, there is always a chance of it being damaged while it is transported. Carriers make mistakes, and they can break things. A common mistake that people make is not properly filling the package with bubble wrap so the items are safe. Do this for any fragile items or bottles with liquids.

Eighth: Use a Shipping Scale

A shipping scale tells you how much your package weighs by measuring the weight of your package. You can use these measurements to determine what size boxes to buy so that you don’t waste money buying custom box solutions.

The Nine: Easily Accessible Label

When selling online, you want to make sure that your labels or shipping address is easy to find. Buyers might have questions about the product and any additional fees.

Tenth: Double-Check Your Address

A lot of e-commerce mistakes happen because people don’t double-check the address before they print stickers or stick them on packages. For example, if you put a sticker on a package and it was for someone in Ohio but your printer put it on for someone in California, the person will think that you mailed their package to another state. This could end up costing you a great deal especially when it comes to Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms.

Final Thoughts:

These are some of the tips that have helped me in my e-commerce Packaging. I hope that they will be of tremendous help to you as well.

I believe that if you would follow them correctly, then there’s no reason why your business wouldn’t be great, but keep in mind that none of these tips alone is enough to make you successful; it only takes a combination of these tips along with effort from your side.

And one last note, what I have written here doesn’t take the place of a Packaging Guide or Packaging Tutorial for eCommerce that explains each and every step-in detail. Thanks for reading!


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