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How Do You Sew In Curly Hair Without Leaving It?

Ever wondered how to get the most permanent and seamless curly hair extensions? The answer to your wonders is curly hair extensions sew-in. Curly hair extension is now used to get a versatile hairstyle rather than simply adding inches and volume to your style. 

Unlike other hair extensions, curly hair extensions sew-in weave hair is applied by braiding the natural hair into cornrows first, then sewing the weave into the cornrow with a needle and thread.

If you are one of many women experimenting with their hair in terms of length, color, and texture nowadays. Then you are on the right track! From this blog, you will learn to get the perfect sew-in curly hair without leave-out.

  • Neat And Tight Braid

Neat And Tight Braid
Create a strong and healthy braid


The first and important step to curly hair extension sew-in is its foundation. Whether you want extensions to enhance or protect your hair, it all depends on braids made from your natural hair. It is critical to take care of your hair inside and outside of your extensions. 

Before installing human hair extensions, make sure to wash, condition, and deep condition your hair. Always keep your hair clean and moisturized at all times.


  • Full-Frontal Curly Hair Extensions Sew-In

Full-Frontal Curly Hair Extensions Sew-In
Get the natural curly hairstyle with full frontal sew-in



Never in your life get a partial curly sew-in if your natural hair type is not matching hair extensions. Otherwise, your hair will contradict and be more noticeable. It’s hard to manipulate curly hair extension sew-ins, especially since the extensions have enormous volume, and you must make sure it looks uniform throughout your entire head.

When getting curly hair extensions sew-in, make sure that it is a full-frontal piece. Getting a full coverage sew-in will give off the weave’s appearance as your natural hair. If you already have curly hair, then, of course, you can always opt for getting a partial sew-in. Make sure to blend your curls with that of the weave. 


  • Curly Human Hair Weave Lasts Longer

curly human hair weave
Human hair extensions are always on the top.


Without any doubt, curly human hair weaves last longer compared to synthetic hair. Curly hair sew-ins look beautiful, and the moment you get an install, you will never want to take it out. The benefit of buying a curly human hair weave is that you can straighten and re-curl the hair as you like. 

You won’t have to worry about excessive damage or shedding, which will make everyone’s life much easier. If you are a kinky hair lover, you can still go for sew-in as it is permanent, unlike natural clip-in kinky curly human extension, which you can remove anytime.

  • You Must Sew Tracks Flat

You Must Sew Tracks Flat
curly hair extension is best to enhance your looks


If you plan to get a curly hair sew-in, make sure you lay the tracks down flat. Since curly extensions can be thick on their own, layering them on top of bulky braids will be a bad idea. 

The number one rule for sewing down tracks is to make sure they are laying in the direction of the braid. Braid your hair in a circular motion or from ear to ear. Stay away from doing a straight-back cornrow kind of braid. 

You can train your curly hair to sew in using heat products and tie your hair down with a scarf at night. Stick to these tips, and you are sure to fall in love with your sew-in.

  • Use More Hair Bundles 

Use More curly Hair Bundles
More hair bundles can hide the spaces between the hair extensions.


When installing a curly hair sew-in, you must use three or more hair bundles. Curly tracks have more spaces between them, and once you get a sew-in onto your head, spaces will be visible if not fully covered. Make sure you always have full coverage by using more hair bundles. 

Another advantage of having three or more bundles in your hair is that you will have additional hairstyle possibilities without the tracks showing. The most significant advantage of having curly hair extensions sew-in is its versatility.



If you closely follow the above guide on the curly hair extensions sew-in, you will get the best hair extensions that are additive. Make sure your braid is flat, and use more hair bundles to sew in. You are highly recommended for a full-frontal curly hair sew-in to get one hair type.

Always go for Tue Glory Hair for your best experience with hair extensions!

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