How eCommerce PPC Increases Your Store Profitability By 200%?

eCommerce PPC

Gone are those days when you had to pay a tremendous amount of money for promoting your eCommerce website. There are various marketing strategies to market your online store. The one that works magical and guarantees results is PPC advertising. Does it sound like the perfect way of marketing? Well, yes it is.

In this blog, we will highlight the basics of eCommerce PPC, how eCommerce PPC management services are beneficial in boosting more revenue, followed by the best practices.


PPC For eCommerce- What Is It?

PPC is basically pay per click advertising, it is the most preferred method of promoting an eCommerce and increasing conversions within a short period of time. The advertiser pays a certain amount whenever a prospect clicks on the ad which takes him/her to the website. Moreover, sellers have the advantage of controlling the budget that can be customized as per the campaign performance. 

An effective PPC campaign reaches its target audience through a deep research based on customer likes, dislikes, locations, gender, age, and more. Based on all these factors, an ad campaign is created to display the ads in front of the right audience. Other components, like content, keywords, landing pages, etc. are organized and designed in a way that grabs customer attention instantly which leads to conversion. Now, you have a basic idea of PPC, let’s move further and understand how it is beneficial in driving your eCommerce business.


How PPC Advertising Triggers 200x Sales For eCommerce Sites?

Before jumping on to the benefits of PPC ads, let’s have a look at some stats that justifies the hype:

  • The ROI generated from paid advertisements is calculated to be 200%.
  • eCommerce businesses get twice the number of visitors from PPC as compared to SEO.
  • PPC ads increase brand awareness by 80%.


  1. Lets you set budget by avoiding overpaying

Every online business owner is looking for a budget-friendly option to drive profitable results and PPC ads are just about cost-effectiveness. Talking about traditional ads, the sellers had to pay a specific amount for every click without the guarantee of attracting potential customers. However, eCommerce PPC management services lets you control the budget as per the performance of your campaign. If your campaign is performing incredibly, you can increase the budget to draw more customers and you can even pause or stop the campaign at a certain time if it’s not driving results. Further, you can monitor every step of the campaign through analytics and check the reasons behind the good or bad performance.


  1. Produces faster results 

The PPC model works wonders for established online businesses and for the ones who are new in the market and have budget constraints. Rather than investing tons of money on online promotion, you can start your PPC campaign by outsourcing eCommerce PPC management services. Start off with a small amount and grow inch by inch based on the performance of your campaign.

How do you know if your campaigns are meeting the business goals? Well, it can be done with the features like conversion tracking or revenue tracking. While running PPC ads, you can conduct in-depth research of what brings visitors to your site or does your ads need to be optimized, etc. The data you get through PPC advertising is highly customer driven and can help you in shaping your SEO strategies and content marketing techniques.


  1. Enhances brand awareness

By Outsourcing eCommerce marketing services, PPC experts can help in creating incredible campaigns for your online store that creates trust and credibility by targeting the right audience. PPC gives you an extra edge of targeting those customers who are not aware of your brand.


  1. Generates huge ROI by targeting the right audience

For online business owners or sellers who are limited on budget, PPC ads are a holy grail to promote their product on a global level that too in a customized budget. When you outsource eCommerce PPC management services, the experts make sure that your ads are displayed right in front of the audience who actually needs to see them. They understand the importance of ad target marketing and how essential it is for an eCommerce business to design an audience based campaign.


  1. Quickest way to promote your store

Marketing methods like SEO, organic search, and more are a viable way to attract customers but these strategies take time. However, eCommerce businesses can render potential buyers through PPC ads.


  1. Encourages to create SEO-friendly content 

As they say, content is the king for online businesses. Thus, to create successful PPC campaigns, you need to outsource eCommerce copywriting services. To deliver exceptional as well as SEO-friendly content stuffed with targeting keywords. To be able to rank your website on the top of search rankings, error-free and eye-catchy content is a must. Consumers appreciate transparency which you can communicate through well-structured content be it for blogs, websites, product details, listings, etc.


Best Practices For eCommerce PPC Management

It is always a great idea to outsource eCommerce PPC management services to create compelling ad campaigns. However, here are some best practices that must be considered while strategizing your PPC ads.


  1. Select accurate keywords

  • Keywords determine your entire campaign performance, so always make sure to select them wisely based on your products and industry. The most important factors to analyze are your product, target audience, geographical reach, and the filter goes on as per your requirements. 
  • When you select the right keywords for your campaign. You are opening doors for a global audience to search the term and reach your website easily. With eCommerce PPC management services, your PPC ad can be featured on the top searches.
  • Another most important thing to avoid unwanted traffic to your website is to include negative keywords. The keywords for which you do not want to rank your website, eliminating such terms can save your irrelevant traffic.


  1. Leverage ad extensions

It allows you to spread more information that may or may not be relevant for the target audience.  Users can easily reach those pages by directly clicking from the ad, giving them a fast and easy experience.


  1. Utilize analytics for appropriate insights

Wouldn’t it be a deal breaker if you could analyze the demand fluctuation. What factors are driving your buyer’s decisions? Well, it is now possible through analytics from Facebook, AdWords, etc. They provide every information you need to boost your website ranking, customer experience, product reach, and much more. You can outsource eCommerce PPC  management services to gather all the actionable insights to monitor your campaign performance and incorporate powerful strategies to boost maximum ROI.


  1. Optimize and update your product pages

The ultimate goal of PPC advertising is to bring conversions to your store. Adding clear product details, good quality images, videos, and more helps in triggering the sale of your items. However, you can also outsource eCommerce photo editing services to get the perfect pictures of your product and eCommerce copywriting services to create compelling ad copies or product descriptions. Above all, make sure to keep all your pages updated by including accurate information and relevant keywords.


  1. Be consistent for great results

In order to make the most out of eCommerce Marketing Services like PPC ads. You have to stay consistent on all the platforms.



The PPC way of marketing your online store is a dynamic process and guarantees growth.  However, creating a PPC campaign is not a piece of cake. The PPC experts can use their expertise and knowledge to conduct keen research.


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