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The solar panel industry has grown steadily over time and has grown exponentially over the last thirty to thirty-five years. However, when it comes to the life of solar panels, some people think that it will end after 25-30 years, but in reality, it is not so, and in that time, it will not die. But their production will have a chance to decline, according to the manufacturer’s catalog.

Understanding the initial cost of solar energy is not an easy task without knowing how much energy you are expecting from solar panels installed on your roof. Your solar panels that are installed on the roof or ground will be able to meet your power consumption for decades.

but at the same time, it is essential to understand the industry estimates and the rate of decline.

Key points about the life of solar panels:

  • Solar panels approximately last for 25 to 30 years.
  • Over their life span, solar panels gradually degrade, meaning bypassing time, they may generate less and less electricity.
  • High-quality parts and equipment related to solar energy projects make a difference, so choose quality products.

How long approximately do solar panels last?

As a general rule, solar panels designed to last for about twenty to thirty years. However, this does not mean they will die after 25 years and stop generating electricity. However, this only means that there are chances of reducing electricity or energy production, which manufacturers consider a substantial amount.

Solar panels will continue to operate at total capacity for decades to come. But the condition is that the solar panels should be appropriately cleaned and not damaged by wind, debris, or other external factors. Moreover, the cleaning process has to be done very carefully.

It is mainly because solar panels designed to have no moving parts. And rarely do panels break from the inside, usually only damaged by external forces such as poor racking setup or lousy weather.

The critical factor in making panels last:

According to the study of a research institute, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), in 2012 found that, on average, solar panel output decreases approximately by 0.8 percent each year. This drop rate called the rate of reduction of solar panels in scientific language.

Although this metric reduction rate will depend on which company you prefer and which panel brand you buy, premium manufacturers like Starwin solar offer a reduced rate of up to 0.3%. Due to the growth in the solar panel industry, its degradation rate has been steadily improving.

Solar panel has been improving since many countries adopted it.

and a decline rate of less than 1% is standard throughout the industry.

Is it possible to make solar panels last longer?

In general, solar panels made from such a combination of engineering and technology and are therefore highly durable. Most good manufacturers test their solar panels before launching to make sure they can withstand strong winds and heavy snow loads.

And many solar panels have undergone substantial tests and tested to make sure they can withstand falling hail with the correct strength.

If you want to see your solar panels work in the long run.

the best way is to prioritize working with a reputable installer who offers reliable customer service. It is essential to buy solar panels with a solid warranty not to worry for a while. Many solar panel manufacturers offer good warranties for their panels.

and usually offer a 10 to the 12-year warranty on appliances that cover defects and ecological damages.

But still, if you want it to perform well for a long time and generate a lot of energy.

you must follow the instructions given in the catalog.


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