How Much Can You Sue for a Dog Bite? 

While dogs provide wonderful emotional support to their owners, dog bites can cause pain and harm to others. Because some people refuse to pay for any damage inflicted in this manner, others may be forced to seek legal justice by filing a lawsuit.

Laws Concerning Dog Bite

While dog bite laws differ from state to state, they all hold the owner accountable. Obviously, a dog cannot sue its owner. As a result, the personal attack is the owner’s duty. Some states may impose strict responsibility in situations when the owner was aware that their dog might bite.

Other states hold people liable whether or not they were aware that their dog could bite someone else. Some states’ dog bite laws also dictate how long a victim has to sue before they are no longer able to do so.

Because the laws can be difficult to comprehend, it’s better if the victim hires an attorney. In some cases, the customer may have only a year to initiate a lawsuit. Some state laws may be more liberal and allow for additional time, although this is highly dependent on where the attack occurred.

Then there are more specialised legal matters like common law and statute law, which should be handled by an attorney such as St Petersburg personal injury attorney. While knowing dog bite regulations can help a client, it’s usually best to seek legal guidance from a specialist.


In the event of a dog bite, who should you sue?

In order to sue the dog’s owner, the victim must first identify the dog’s owner. The owner can delegate some payment responsibilities to the insurance provider, but in most cases, the owner should obtain legal counsel.

Dog bite legal liability charges might be covered by both homeowners and renters insurance. They may pay up to $300,000 as an insurance company, depending on liability limits. Expect the matter to drag on as the victim sues the owner.


How Much Money Can a Dog Bite Victim Make?

As previously indicated, the average payout for a dog bite claim is $44,760. Because this is the average, a victim’s earnings may vary based on the strength of their case. If the dog bite damage is severe and impacts the victim’s overall quality of life, the sufferer may be eligible to earn much more.

In a small claims court, smaller matters may also be settled for $10,000. The victim must prove, as with all aspects of the legal system, that the owner did not properly stop their dog from biting. As a result, even if everything is accurate, if there is no evidence that the incident occurred, the victim is unlikely to receive any compensation.

Keep in mind that an insurance company may attempt to settle your case without going to court. In comparison to a complete settlement, enabling them to do so results in the victim receiving less money. However, for clients that require fast cash for a variety of reasons, this may be a reasonable choice. Keep in mind that some liability limits require the insurance provider to pay a large sum on behalf of the owner. If a person is unsure about how to proceed with a matter, they should always get legal advice.


After a Dog Bite, What Should You Do?

Not every dog poses a direct threat to a person or their family. However, a person may need to know what to do if they are bitten by a dog at some point. The victim must identify both the dog and its master after escaping from the dog.

The victim should, ideally, phone 911 to report the incident (documentation is crucial to build a legitimate case). After that, the victim must stay away from the dog to avoid being attacked again. The victim and the dog owner should communicate pertinent information. Witnesses may also exchange contact information if there are any. In some cases, contacting animal control may be necessary.

The victim should utilise the aforementioned evidence as the foundation for filing an insurance claim. The following are some examples of critical evidence:

  • Photographs (Injury, dog, etc.)
  • Specifics of the injury
  • Witnesses
  • Report it to the cops or animal control.
  • Time and Place

If you’re going to file a lawsuit, you’ll need to employ an attorney. A client can use the legal system to gain financial benefits, especially if the victim’s injury prevents them from working. There have even been cases in the United States where a dog owner was sentenced to several years in jail for involuntary manslaughter after their dogs killed someone. There are plenty of opportunities to suit something as insignificant as a dog bite if due carelessness is at blame.

A dog bite can make it impossible for someone to work. Certain work prospects may become inaccessible as a result of an injury, even while a case is being constructed and the victim is receiving medical treatment. Athletes, trainers, and other physically demanding employees, for example, may miss hours of work. One option in this situation is to sue for additional money.


Lawyers for Dog Bites

One of the most important steps to take is to retain the services of a dog bite attorney. Because dog bite injuries are a different subject than assault, violence, or murder, there are distinct attorneys who specialise in these particular areas.

Health insurance, in addition to homeowner’s and renter’s insurance, can help cover some medical expenses. In some cases, a personal injury attorney can help, but it’s usually best to hire a lawyer that specialises in dog bite injuries.


Client-attorney relationship

When looking for a settlement, it’s important to recognise the importance of the attorney-client relationship. In the case of a dog bite, the client should also obtain legal guidance from his or her attorney. The attorney can suggest and carry out a variety of steps for the client’s benefit. Hearings, insurance claims, and other important information for a proper settlement are all discussed between the two for a successful case.


Injuries caused by dog bites

Naturally, the harm done to a person extends beyond the bite itself. Bacteria from the dog’s mouth might aggravate an injury when it comes into contact with human flesh.

The infection can develop more severe if the damage is not treated properly. Dog bites claim the lives of 30 to 50 individuals in the United States each year. Dog attacks hospitalise between 6,000 and 13,000 individuals each year, necessitating the necessity for people to sue.

Injuries differ from one person to the next. Even though it appears to be trivial at the moment, things can always worsen. If the victim fails to obtain any paperwork from the dog owner, the victim may be the only one who can pay for the damages. As the injury worsens, the victim may be unable to perform even the most fundamental responsibilities, such as work. As a result, it is critical that a victim receives the legal assistance that they require at all times.

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