How Much Does Hiring Security Guard Hamilton Cost?

Depending on your needs the expense of employing a security guard might range from $15- 100+ per hour. The expense of a guard to watch a retail outlet for shoplifters is low. A full-time exclusive bodyguard might charge up to 1500 dollars per day on the high end. The cost of employing a security guard Hamilton varies according to various factors. A security expert can assist you in achieving the proper amount of security coverage while staying within your budget.

We will explore the elements that affect the cost of a private security guard and what you should consider when hiring a security guard in this post.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Security Guard Hiring

Cost control is a critical component of running a successful business. However, certain areas cannot be compromised; one is security. Because the cost of ignoring security can be quite costly, business owners should hire security specialists to safeguard their facilities, employees, clients, and assets. The following are a few of the elements that affect the cost of recruiting security personnel.

Armed vs. Unarmed Security Guards

Armed security guards are slightly more expensive than unarmed security guards. Typically, between $5 and $10. This difference is due to their high demand, which allows them to fetch a higher income and the expense of purchasing and keeping a handgun, practicing, and obtaining a license. Fortunately, you are unlikely to require an armed guard unless you are in a high-risk region or have valuable objects to safeguard. Even yet, it’s improbable that you’ll require all of your guards to be armed, and hence a combination of armed and unarmed guards can help keep expenses down.


A skilled guard with advanced talents might earn between $35 and $50 per hour. The guard’s experience includes both times on the job and the type of experience. You can recruit a young, inexperienced guard for certain positions or if a more experienced guard is ready to mentor them, as long as they possess the characteristics of an efficient security guard Hamilton agent. Attentiveness, attention to detail, focus, and a feeling of purpose are necessary characteristics of a guard, but they are not truly trainable.

Training Type

Off-duty police officers seeking additional money frequently charge between $40/hour and $60/hour. Some security guards are former law enforcement or military personnel, which further qualifies them. They are trained to recognize dangers and de-escalate or neutralize the situation, and they are trained observers with lethal and non-lethal combat experience. Guards at this level can be costly, but they may be necessary if your security is jeopardized.

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Time of the Day

When you require a guard it can also play a role. Private security for an elite after-hours party might cost between $30 and $50 per hour or more. If you require guards during the day for egress control, this may be less expensive than paying for nighttime guards. Additionally, emergency response guards will be more expensive than those employed regularly at your place. Temporary contract security specialists may appear expensive due to their high hourly rate. Nonetheless, it is a more cost-effective choice than adding a full-time employee to your payroll for a brief period.

Private Security Firms vs. Independent Security Firms

If you require guards but don’t wish to employ them, you might hire an independent guard or contract with a private security business. While hiring an individual security guard, Hamilton can save you money because they don’t have the overhead associated with a corporation, there are drawbacks. There are no checks and balances in place with a sole proprietorship. If they become ill, you are helpless. If you’re dissatisfied with the service they deliver, you must begin over. Due diligence is entirely up to you, so don’t skimp. Verify their background, insurance, and any state-required licensure.

On the other hand, security firms handle all of this for you. Best of all, they provide ample flexibility if your demands change. Adding additional guards is as simple as making a phone call, selecting the appropriate experience level, or adding a shift or qualification. If you’re interest, certain firms can also provide remote guarding. Cameras can be installed in hazardous or isolated regions and monitored remotely at a fraction of the expense of paying additional guards.

The market for Competitive Wages

As is the scenario with everything else, the cost of guards varies by area. Hiring a guard may be more in demand and thus more expensive in heavily populated areas such as cities. On the other hand, you’ll have a broader selection and access to persons with higher competence and experience. Consider the state and local tax and regulatory burdens that may increase your prices.

Training Requirement

The amount of training required to meet your needs and those of the state can affect the cost of hiring a guard. Is the use of guards regulated in your state, and if so, at what cost? Do security services charge an additional fee for officers who possess specialized licenses, certifications, or training? Additionally, how much training will they require to meet your requirements? Are there cyber threats that will necessitate the guard’s computer literacy? Is there anything about your area that will necessitate the acquisition of specialized skills? A guard on an oil rig will require a different set of skills than one in an office park.

Consider calling Alpha Security Services for additional information about hiring a security guard Hamilton.

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