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How much does refrigerator repair cost?

refrigerator repair

Many homeowners do not have a clear idea of refrigerator repair costs. Some think it is negligible, and others feel that these repair services are not worth the price. When it comes to home repairs, there is one appliance that we cannot do without; the refrigerator. They keep our food fresh, but there are instances when we run into issues with our refrigerators. The most common problem with refrigerators is the thermostat. 

It refers to the control mechanism that regulates the temperature inside your refrigerator. Well, it is essential to know what it costs to repair these fridge and

freezer issues. You cannot operate a day without your refrigerator. That is why it is unacceptable to ignore the problem due to extensive repair charges. 

Furthermore, the question is should you replace or repair your fridge? For that: call for (refrigerator repair services 4xx) and let them diagnose the problem. Here is what you need to know about the repair charges:

Breaking down the cost of refrigerator repair:

  1. What are the average fridge repair costs?
  2. What does a refrigerator compressor cost?
  3. How much does a Freon gas leak repair cost?
  4. What is the cost of fixing a freezer?
  5. How much does door repair cost?
  6. What are the charges of hiring an appliance repair specialist?
  7. What is the fee for ice maker repair?

What are the average fridge repair costs?

Your fridge repair charges depend on the complexity of your repair. All of its parts have significance in their own criteria. For instance, a door seal will nearly cost you $40 at maximum. In this case, a fridge repair will cost you from $200 to $330 on average. But, you may have to replace the fridge if the repair is heavy on your pocket. Similarly, a faulty thermostat will cost you around $100 compared to the compressor. 

What does a refrigerator compressor cost?

These factors solely depend on the machinery you are already using. If your fridge is high quality, it is more likely to have an advanced compressor. That is why keep in mind that replacing a compressor will cost you more than you expect. So, a new compressor will cost you between $250 and $650, including labor costs. 

How much does a Freon gas leak repair cost?

If you think your fridge has a gas leak, it might be due to low Freon quantity. Not every refrigerator brand uses Freon gas, but it affects its working. Typically, a refrigerator leak repair will cost you about $150 to $400. In case of any other gas leak, a gas refill will cost you more than $500.  

What is the cost of fixing a freezer?

The cost of repairing your freezer ranges from $90 to $650, with an average cost of $350. Freezing technology is more difficult than cooling technology, which makes repairing a freezer more costly than repairing a refrigerator. That is why there is a visible sign that states not to use sharp objects on the freezer’s base, such as knives and forks. In this way, its repair becomes more complex than other minor issues.  

How much does refrigerator door repair cost?

The cost of repairing an appliance (such as a dented door) ranges from $100 to $240 on average. To repair damage to your refrigerator door is dependent on the size and placement of the dent. Smaller door dents may cost $100 or less to repair; larger dents or dents that affect the way the door shuts or seals may cost $200 or more. On the other hand, a door seal repair may cost you from $50 to $400. 

What are the charges of hiring an appliance repair specialist?

When you hire an appliance repair expert to visit your house, he will usually charge a fee only to diagnose your problem. That amount is roughly the same as what you would pay a home warranty company to resolve the issue. And if you do not have a refrigerator warranty, your refrigerator repair services will be heavy on your pocket. 

What is the cost of ice maker repair?

The average cost of repairing an ice maker is $330. But, if your hose is frozen and only needs to defrost, these repairs will not cost much. It may be less expensive to replace your ice maker than to repair it. The cost of its replacement is $60 to $200.


Repairing a refrigerator can be very expensive. The average cost of a fridge repair is $200 to $330. Similarly, a compressor is the most critical part of a fridge; it costs $300-$650 for a new one. In addition, the door seal or dent may not be that costly. Your ice maker in a refrigerator is the least expensive part to repair, costing $20 to $60. You can estimate the cost of repairs in this article

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