Gojek Clone App is tasting the sweetness of its roaring success since its inception. It is a well-crafted and intricately designed App that offers 70+ On-Demand Services online through one single platform. Hire a Taxi, Rent Cabs or Moto Rides, getting your stuff couriered or sending three parcels to one single destination or two, Finding a quick and reliable Personal Shopper to buy White Lilies for one’s wife on Valentine’s Day, Food and Grocery Delivery, Medicines are also delivered in the shortest time possible from the nearby Pharmacies, Scheduling an appointment with a Doctor, Academic Tutor, Masseuse, Lawyer, Interior Designer or availing Mobile Car Wash services alongside those rendered by Electricians, Plumbers, Maids, Security Guards, Beauticians-on demand. All of these Services are just a handful of them that I have mentioned here.


a. Live-Tracking Details on Google Maps

This has been a revolutionary feature-addition to the App like Gojek because now Users can track movements and physical location of the Service Provider on the Google Maps in Real Time. The Rider can also send its Real-Time Tracking details to one’s family members and closest of friends. This feature has earned this App incredible credibility for being so transparent and concerned about the security of the Riders.

b. Now book Taxis instantly using your iWatch

Taxi Booking had never been this fun affair! Your User can not only book Taxis with iWatch but also online using the Apple Smartwatch. However, the User has to bear in mind certain pointers. First, only iPhone Users can avail this Service. Second, the User has to connect one’s iWatch to the iPhone and ensure a steady Wi-fi connection. Third, download Riders’ App on the iPhone and automatically an App will get installed in the iWatch. With quick easy taps on the tiny iWatch screen, Taxi Rides can be booked. 

The iWatch screen will also show you the Name and Photograph of the Driver.

c. OTP Verification to Start the Task

A Numeric four-digit OTP is sent on Service Providers’ Registered Phone Number and Email Address. It adds an extra layer of security. Once the Service Provider punches in OTP, the App Owner verifies and approves it. Only then the Service Provider can start off with the Task or Service Request. OTP Verification is required for Services such as Car Wash, Food Delivery, Parcel Delivery, Taxi Booking, Beauticians, and Handyman Services.

d. Item Name Searching

It becomes one tedious task for the Gojek Clone App User to browse through the entire list of 70+ On-Demand Services online on their smartphones! By the time you locate Yoga Instructor On-Demand, you realise your anxiety has already kicked in and now you have lost the motivation to exercise and feel inner peace. But this App is all about giving hassle-free User Experience and hence Item Name Search Icon has been placed at the right end of the Top-most corner of the smartphone screen. Just punch in Yoga, and voila that Service will be at the centre of your screen!

e. Restricting Taxi Drivers from defrauding Riders by charging them exorbitant waiting charges

Taxi Drivers in the past have clicked on the “Arrived” icon when they were clearly at least a mile away from the Pick-Up Location. And then they’d argue with the Rider that they didn’t put in an accurate address and hence such a long waiting period. The Taxi Drivers have unfortunately even harassed the Riders to pay for such steep-priced Waiting Period charges.

It was like a stain on App like Gojek’s impeccable clean image and hence the Admin acted immediately.

The App Owner first logs into the Admin Panel after putting in valid credentials. Then reduces the distance to 30 meters before which the Taxi Driver can click on the “Arrived” icon. And even if the Taxi Driver tried to Click on it even when it is still a mile away, an alert message pops up on the Taxi Driver’s screen saying that you haven’t yet reached the location.


Powerful Gojek like App has been received with tremendous amount of love worldwide for its User-Friendly Interface and the possibility of shopping anything at all on one single platform. It’s making headlines because of its profit-centric business that help you become Millionaires in the shortest period possible. Do you also want to be a multi-millionaire who makes easy and quick money? Then Contact Cubejek Technolabs right after your engagement ceremony and launch your very own Gojek Clone App in just under a weeks’ time.

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