How to ace the listening test in the IELTS examination?

If you aspire to shift to Canada, then you have to clear the IELTS examination. You cannot move to Canada without clearing IELTS. It is a compulsion for every immigrant to clear the language proficiency test. If someone is not able to clear it their application is simply rejected on the same grounds. Yes! Clearing the IELTS examination is a mandatory condition that no one can skip come what may. Only if you are visiting the country through a tourist visa then there is no requirement for the same. Otherwise, if you are moving to the country as a student or on a spouse or family basis, or through the express entry system, it is compulsory to clear the IELTS examination. 

It is not that if they have achieved high bands in reading then it will average out with others. It is not so. The candidates have to clear each  and every section of the examination with 6 and above bands if they are going through student visa or through professional basis. If someone is moving through the family or spouse visa then they are expected to clear all the sections with at least 5 bands. So, being efficient is not enough, the aspirant needs to clear all the aspects of the examination with proper bands, then only a candidate is considered successful in the examination. 

IELTS format

Most of the Indian students do well in reading and writing. They have been practising it during their childhood days. Even an average student is able to score 5 bands, but if someone needs to increase their band score then they need to do it with practice and hard work. Even the reading section can be tough and complicated with scientific reading paragraphs and may require ample practice before the final attempt. A student should practice reading comprehension as per the IELTS format only. Practising through other ways may not be so helpful. If you are looking for the material then you may find it on online channels. 

Through these channels you may attempt mock reading sections and also you check it. If you are still not satisfied with the practice then you may opt for professional coaching centres. 

Same you can opt to practice for a writing assignment. There are different types of writing assignments that you can practice. The more you practice the better it is. It will also help to improve your writing speed and presentation. So, practice as much as you can and then evaluate on the same basis as it is to be checked in the IELTS examination. 

IELTS examination

Now, the next section is the listening section. It can turn out to be very difficult for those whose native language is not English. At times it gets very hard to understand the accent and the pronunciation of a few words or conversation. Hence, this section requires special attention while you are preparing for the IELTS examination. 

There are various ways to improve the listening section of the examination. Yes! It is through practises you can improve your listening skills. 

We are here with some handy tips that will help to improve your skills in a big way. Read out further to find out more- 

  • First is the traditional way to workout through the test. There are various listening cds or online tests available. One can start with the easy ones and then increase the difficulty slowly. Through these tests you will be able to get an idea how you need to perform or attempt, what type of question will be asked and so on. 
  • The next step is to try to understand a normal conversation. For this one can start watching English series. There are a number of web English series available on varied topics. One can easily start watching something that interests them. Through this they could concentrate well and have an idea about the conversation. Initially, it may be difficult to understand, then you can take help of the sub-titles. These sub-titles can also improve your speed. So, the more you listen to English conversations or watch web series the better it is.
  • Lastly, you can attempt the mock IELTS test that will lend you an idea about your ongoing preparations. You can  figure out through your scores how much effort you are required to put in to get favourable results.

We really hope that you do well!




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